As part of our collaboration with Chuggaaconroy on his Let’s Play of Link’s Awakening, we will be regularly updating the site with interesting Link’s Awakening-related posts. Today’s feature is this strange Japanese commercial for the game, in which puppet versions of the characters dance together and re-enact the start of the game to catchy music.

Hit the jump to watch the video.

  • zelda_nerd

    I-I- I can't begin how t–to describe how creepy that is… O.e

  • Kazuko

    I thought it was cute. ^^

  • Destiny

    Um….lol….that was just………

  • DarkX

    With CHUGGA! WOW!

  • Sunbro

    Well, it's not like the other games don't have weird ads.

  • karol

    really? i loved it xD idk! it was crazy cute!

  • E. Moon

    Wh–what? What did I just……watch?!

    Yay for Chugga, I have a friend who'll be more excited than me, though~

  • MissRora

    Maybe it's just me, but I thought the ad was cute…

  • claudioiphigenia

    I really wish video games had interesting commercials like this again.

  • Terrifika

    Oh my god this was the best thing ever I just can't even.