ALTTP2 Screenshot 3

As ridiculous as the title of this post may sound, Zelda fans already know the complexities of the timeline. The upcoming 3DS title may be set in the world of A Link to the Past, but knowing Nintendo, who knows when it will take place exactly? While we’re tentatively calling this game A Link to the Past 2, Nintendo hasn’t yet decided on the official title.

Nintendo of America’s Director of Product Marketing, Bill Trinen, has confirmed that the game will indeed be set after the events of ALttP. Speaking to Joystiq, he stated:

“From a story perspective there are connections, so it does fall after A Link to the Past. And it’s set in the same world, but introduces that new gameplay mechanic.”

With this confirmation, we can now rule out the possibility of this game being a prequel. A sequel would make more sense, as Link had not yet inherited the power to turn into a drawing in ALttP. Timeline enthusiasts, take note!

Source: Joystiq