More pages of the Zelda Box’s guidebook to Wind Waker have been translated by the wonderful Glitterberri, who has now covered Page 38 to 40 for us non-Japanese fans. This section, titled “Monsters: Part 2“, explores further into the boss and enemy designs.

Developers Aonuma and Takizawa discuss the design process behind the battles against the Big Octorok, Gohma, and the Helmaroc King. There’s some interesting tidbits here, including player complaints that the Big Octorok looked too much like a squid instead of an octopus, Floor Masters becoming easier to deal with than past games, concerns that players wouldn’t figure out how to defeat Gohma, and how the Helmaroc King boss battle was the hardest to create.

If you missed it, the prior 37 pages are already available to read, and include major design and development secrets on the characters, enemies and game world.

Source: Glitterberri (via GoNintendo)