Most people can tell you that the Wii U did not reach its initial goals in terms of merchandise sold. Many people have debated the reasons for this, most having to do with the initial title line up and unique controller. But could the Wii U be a sensation in later months? Could this console overcome the many criticisms and its own shortcomings? Shigeru Miyamoto believes that the Wii U shall indeed surpass current expectations, if given a little time.

Miyamoto contested that the Wii U simply needs some time for players to begin warming up to it. He stated that the console (specifically the touchscreen) is so different, that many people will require time to get used to it in a sense. In other words, the Wii U’s real value has not yet been realized. Will Miyamoto’s belief become a reality later on? Only time will tell.

Another factor in the mix is the number of games released for the Wii U. Definitely a more skimpy selection than other consoles at the moment, perhaps the Wii U’s popularity will have to wait until Nintendo’s major first-party titles come out. I am of course mostly referring to the Wii U Zelda game that is being worked on now. With The Legend of Zelda being one of Nintendo’s biggest accomplishments, the next Zelda game for this console in question will definitely boost its sales when the game is released. And of course Nintendo has other franchises that will greatly affect the Wii U’s sales, such as Mario and Donkey Kong. For now, a little time sounds like just the remedy for the Wii U.

Source: Bayoubuzz
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