Most people can tell you that the Wii U did not reach its initial goals in terms of merchandise sold. Many people have debated the reasons for this, most having to do with the initial title line up and unique controller. But could the Wii U be a sensation in later months? Could this console overcome the many criticisms and its own shortcomings? Shigeru Miyamoto believes that the Wii U shall indeed surpass current expectations, if given a little time.

Miyamoto contested that the Wii U simply needs some time for players to begin warming up to it. He stated that the console (specifically the touchscreen) is so different, that many people will require time to get used to it in a sense. In other words, the Wii U’s real value has not yet been realized. Will Miyamoto’s belief become a reality later on? Only time will tell.

Another factor in the mix is the number of games released for the Wii U. Definitely a more skimpy selection than other consoles at the moment, perhaps the Wii U’s popularity will have to wait until Nintendo’s major first-party titles come out. I am of course mostly referring to the Wii U Zelda game that is being worked on now. With The Legend of Zelda being one of Nintendo’s biggest accomplishments, the next Zelda game for this console in question will definitely boost its sales when the game is released. And of course Nintendo has other franchises that will greatly affect the Wii U’s sales, such as Mario and Donkey Kong. For now, a little time sounds like just the remedy for the Wii U.

Source: Bayoubuzz
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  • TheGrave

    Lack of 3rd party support is also hurting, but that's always been a problem for Nintendo. It just sometimes feels like the video game industry wants Nintendo to fail by the lack of 3rd party support it gets. Crytek basically said that they had Crysis 3 working on the Wii U, but for some reason still refused to release it on the console. EA backed out from releasing Battlefield 4 on the Wii U, Sega cancelled the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines (though considering the low scores it got, that's not too big of a loss), and Bethesda straight up said they have no desire to release games on the Wii U. Rockstar did show interest in releasing GTAV, but I'll believe it when I see it. It just disgusts me the way the video game industry is downplaying the Wii U and trying to pretend like it's not as powerful as the PS3 or X-Box 360 (when it actually is). Hopefully that will change when the 1st part games start rolling in.

    • Hylian Hero

      IKR!?! I'm so sick of every company bashing the WiiU like its not even a next gen console! >:( once Zelda, 3d Mario game, MK, SSB comes out…. EVERYONE will be BEGGING for a WiiU

      • Triforce

        I agree.

      • Zingzilla

        o_O It isn't a next gen console though and if you're sick you should see a doctor.

        • O>O

          LMFAO, it is quite easy to pick out the Microsoft and Sony fanboys out in a crowd. ‘…it [Wii U] isn’t a next gen console though…’ Really? Last time I, or any one tht knows how to do research instead of make baseless comments has checked, the Wii U is part of the *8th Console Generation*, whereas the Wii, Xbox 360, and Playsation 3 are part of the 7th Console Generation.

          You do realize that looking from a purely technical hardware standpoint, the Wii U is around 4-5x more powerful than EITHER the Xbox 360 and PS3; although the fact of how powerful the system is is NOT related to how well it sells, or how good the games are for it. That said, MS and Sony are attempting to make their new consoles resemble very restrictive, overpriced contemporary computers, which unfortunately will most likely be around $500-$700 (USD), excluding all the other fees one will incur when using the new MS and Sony consoles.

          Basically, the Wii U is the best console on the market in terms of system power nowadays, it will also most likely be LESS than the cost of the ‘Xbox 720’ and the PS4. Not to mention, Nintendo has a head start making games for their new console, whereas the Main First Party games for the ‘Xbox 720’ and PS4 are around 2-4 years off. The Wii U does have it’s problems to be sure, but if any of you watched the ENTIRE Nintendo Direct Update earlier this year (the one where they announce TLoZ: WW HD and rethinking the conventions for the next TLoZ), you would know they are fixing some of the problems in updates this summer. Also, it’s common sense that Wii U consoles sold later will probably have the Large System Update you all have been complaining about already on the consoles when they hit the shelves. Anyone looking at these facts from an objective standpoint would see that Nintendo will sell more Wii U consoles than MS will sell ‘Xbox 720s’ and Sony will sell PS4s.

          Before you start making ignorant comments, and blatantly show you are. MS/Sony fanboy, you need to learn how to do objective research, and learn how the economy works.

    • MusicGamer

      Kudos to you good sir! It just appalls me how the third party developers have backed out of releasing games for the Wii U, when they would quite clearly work and therefore boost Wii U sales.
      It's almost as if everyone WANTS Nintendo to fail, but I honestly cannot see why they would want to.

    • Echon

      Unfortunately, the American culture is highly ill-practiced at patience.

      @TheGrave & Music Gamer – From what I understand, Nintendo also hurts themselves when they don't intend to localize 3rd party developed games on the Wii and WiiU to Westerners and sort of hoard them in Japan until projects like Operation Rainfall and Operation Zero start flapping their petitions with their millions of signatures saying: We want this game, Nintendo! Why won't you release it?!

      There seems to be an issue with Nintendo (probably Nintendo of America) that they have some wild hair up their butts that cause them to think that Western consumers aren't interested in games produced by 3rd party producers and think all we want are casual games.

      I personally despise the casual gaming market. People love their little time-wasters, though, so it's a market here to stay.

    • TheBestGuest

      I hate Bethesda. Always remaking Morrowind, flaws and all, and yet they still reap ludicrous praise for it. Nonsense.

      • randall

        Morrowind was never 'remade'. Oblivion and Skyrim are different games, and actually more buggy than Morrowind ever was. Morrowind was the most bug free out of the three games, and came out first.

    • SupahLink

      Look at it from their perspective. The Wii U has sold terribly, and not many people know about it. There just isn't any guarantee that if they invest in the Wii U, that there will be any benefit in return.
      Nintendo has done a horrible job with marketing the Wii U. And with the Ps4 and next Xbox around the corner (both much more powerful and enticing to today's developers), the Wii U's future looks bad.
      I hope I'm wrong, though. I do believe the sales will pick up eventually once the next Smash bros. and Zelda roll along. But I just can't see how Nintendo is going to win the favor of the core gaming market. They can't do it on 1st party exclusives alone.

    • TheMaverickk

      Sega didn't cancel Aliens Colonial Marines because the Wii U can't handle it.

      Sega cancelled Aliens Colonial Marines because the game is a huge headache for them and they are already stuck in a big sand trap trying to do damage control for an already big mess.

      Between them legally having to alter all their advertising in order to put the "trailer does not reflect actual gameplay" marker on their ads, to the outrage many fans have for being mislead into thinking the game would play and appear differently from a demo exhibited months ago.

      Their decision to pull the game had nothing to do with not wanting to support Nintendo, and more to do with preventing themselves from having to deal with another fan base being mad at them for the game.

    • Dan

      Actually, EA told Crytek to cancel Crysis 3. Crytek really wanted to launch it, but EA wouldn't let them

  • Donkey Kong


  • Ashmic

    uh patience? or a bigger wallet?

  • morti

    needs more metroid.

    • RPH1

      I'm really looking forward to seeing how they use the GamePad for the next Metroid game.

      • ZELDA_FUN

        ME TOO!!

  • Mickii

    The Wii U has so much potential! There are a lot of newer third party games that could be so much more on this console… like Bioshock infinite, for example. Can anyone image the possibilities?! But everyone keeps looking down on it. We'll see what happens when the bigger franchises succeeders come out.

  • Josh Warren

    Im a Nintendo fan for life. I have faith that the Wii U will sore to #1 like the ones before it. I think the past can speak for itself.

  • randall

    While I loved the Wii, I think the Wii U will become a niche market, like the Gamecube (Gamecube fans, the N64 sold more, so yeah, it's a niche). I'm sure it will get great Zelda and Mario titles, but without 3rd party support (which seems to be sticking it's noses up at the Wii U at the moment) it will not be as big as the Wii was.

  • RPH1

    Hey, they finally removed the CD-i stuff at the top of the page. Yea!

  • Tim Grayson

    Don't count nintendo out. The best thing nintendo could do is not be microsoft or sony. There has been much talk about the xbox 720 only allowing you to play the game if you are connected to the internet at all times. And you can't even play original xbox games on the 360 without downloading a patch. the 720 won't even be able to play 360 games. The PS4 won't even be able to play PS3 games nor will the digital downloads be able to carry over. Microsoft and Sony are both fucking their consumers in the ass and everyone knows it. If nintendo stays true to their cause they may very well be able to come on top and be the number one gaming company again. They once were and nintendo has been around longer than any of them. So we can see what nintendo's intentions have been and are. playstation and xbox have only been around for a little over than a decade and look at what they have done in their short time. Sure theyve made a lot of money and surpassed nintendo. But they are now revealing themselves to be nothing more than money hungry sacks of shit and everyone is starting to realize it. I would always get nintendo and playstation games. But now sony has lost me with shit theyre trying to pull with the PS4. They only want to promote sales for their new console and don't want you playing old and used games. Nintendo has always been focused on video games. Microsoft and Sony saw the potential money to be made in video games and they wanted in. They don't care about their consumers and their consumers needs. Nintendo may not have the latest up to date hardware. But you have to admit they don't pull this shit that the other companies do and their games are great and have survived the test of time. Years from now people won't be talking about how epic the 20 call of duty games were. they will talk about how great Zelda was, Mario, Tales of symphonia, chrono trigger, Fire emblem. These games as well as many others are the ones that have left their mark and it all started with nintendo. HD can kiss my ass good graphics are not what dictate a good game. Sony and Microsoft can preach that all they want. There will come a day when their fans will demand things that they can not offer and that nintendo always has. Dont get me wrong like I said I own a ps3 and have bought playstation games over the years and have thoroughly enjoyed them. But if Sony thinks that I am going to continue to pay a ton of money and not continue to get what I want and need as a consumer then they will be dead to me. Long live nintendo please be patient and stay the way you are and don't assimilate to ways of other money hungry companies. Does nintendo want my money? yes. but have they at least made games that I have enjoyed and earned my money? Most definitely!

    • JunkRobot

      One great advantage Nintendo has that I have saw and played was that Nintendo games were NEVER full with bugs, glitches ext… Now I have not bought the New Wii U yet be I can already believe that its games will be Bug FREE. Tim Grayson is right when he said " Long live nintendo please be patient and stay the way you are and don't assimilate to ways of other money hungry companies. Does nintendo want my money? yes. but have they at least made games that I have enjoyed and earned my money? Most definitely! " Nintendo has Always been there for there fans on producing a Great game for everyone to enjoy. I do also own a Ps3 and 360 but have a Wii and always have had my classic Nintendo and SN in good condition they both play Till this DAY the way they were when my Uncle had it when he bought it. I remember him saying that when everyone heard about Video games way back and wanted to buy one it was a Nintendo EVERYONE had a Nintendo and soon everyone will again!!

  • Rick

    Well, in Manchester, England everyone seems to be talking about the wii u and 3ds and I am very excited for them. U think people are getting bored of the generic shoot em up rubbish renowned on ps and Xbox. Time for the rise of the platform. And zelda will be epic.

  • Craig

    Stores need to get their asses in gear for a start – I've seen several images from different countries, where Wii U games are sold among Wii games in a section for Wii.

  • Lesley

    Im sorry but give me back the Nintendo 64 anyday

  • Im am psyched about the zelda wii u game i just recently bought another copy of twilight princess for the wii and im replaying it.

  • hyrulehistory10

    I think there is more to it than this. If the average American consumer remembers we are in a recession. People do not have a lot of money to spend. I know i do not have $300 for a system and $50 for a game with 3 kids and mouths to feed. I will get one when the time comes but there is more to it than 3rd party developers.

    • Tim Grayson

      Honestly I don't see the recession really being an issue here. Sure if you are a father of three it very well may be. But the average gamer will get their hands on a console no matter what they just have to have it. Sure a three hundred and fifty dollar wii u is a lot of money. But PS3 costing everyone $700 at launch was nothing. Like I said there may be a recession but that's not what is really the issue here. Americans are known to spend money on the dumbest things we're not very careful our wallets. I don't mean everyone in this country but you gotta admit quite a few of us here love to burn our money.

  • ijuin

    It took a while for the new playstyle of the Wii to hit its full potential instead of just being a gimmick, and I would not be surprised that the same would apply to the Wii U.