Wind Waker HD

It seems Miyamoto’s pretty excited for Nintendo this year, as he’s still partaking in interviews and teasing us all with upcoming games! This time, the Zelda creator has been talking to ABC, saying that he believes that the high-definition visuals in The Wind Waker remake will “breathe new life” into the game.

“Sort of similar to that with the decision on Wind Waker in particular, the animation style of the original Wind Waker, we felt that HD could really sort of breathe new life into that animation style and so that was the reason we went into that direction. Ultimately, there isn’t a common reason across all the games they’re basing the decision on. It really is which games are best suited to which styles or which systems or which features.”

With Miyamoto also recently stating that he prefers to focus on new games than remakes, it seems he and his team felt that The Wind Waker was truly an exception and saw there was far more of the game’s potential to extract from redesigning it. Proof, as if it were needed, that this really is a project out of passion, and not a simple cash-in port job like naysayers may suggest.

Source: ABC (via My Nintendo News)