Wind Waker HD

It seems Miyamoto’s pretty excited for Nintendo this year, as he’s still partaking in interviews and teasing us all with upcoming games! This time, the Zelda creator has been talking to ABC, saying that he believes that the high-definition visuals in The Wind Waker remake will “breathe new life” into the game.

“Sort of similar to that with the decision on Wind Waker in particular, the animation style of the original Wind Waker, we felt that HD could really sort of breathe new life into that animation style and so that was the reason we went into that direction. Ultimately, there isn’t a common reason across all the games they’re basing the decision on. It really is which games are best suited to which styles or which systems or which features.”

With Miyamoto also recently stating that he prefers to focus on new games than remakes, it seems he and his team felt that The Wind Waker was truly an exception and saw there was far more of the game’s potential to extract from redesigning it. Proof, as if it were needed, that this really is a project out of passion, and not a simple cash-in port job like naysayers may suggest.

Source: ABC (via My Nintendo News)
  • RPH1

    I always liked the look of Z-TWW. There are only 2 things I would have changed: the Picto box only holds 3 pictos, and Link doesn't look as athletic as this version is. He is the most athletic Link, but he is built like Charlie Brown. I guess they had to give him a big face to show all his facial expressions and eye movement.

    • Mautaz

      Most athletic link? TP Link caught Charging Rams and even Gorons.

      Then OOT Link was literally everywhere, and even crossed Deserts on foot.

      But I digress, lets give this Link a little more oomph, for a 13 year old that can wield a sword better than Jaffar from FE he needs a little muscle.

  • Ari

    I just got the original GameCube Wind Waker for christmas (late I know) and now they announce an HD remake ;_;

  • Jay

    When is this being released?! So much want!

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    It would be soooo nice if they let you save more than 3 pictographs on the picto box at once, that would make the nintendo gallery side quest way less annoying. I never actually finished it… But nonetheless, I'm really excited for this. I wanted to play Wind Waker again recently, but now I'm waiting for the HD version. 😀

    • MikeL

      Another thing that is needed to make the Nintendo gallery quest bearable is to let you hand in any number of snapshots without having you wait a day cycle between each.

  • You have beautiful waterfalls, trees, sand, clouds, and of course the humongous egg sitting on top of the mountain. Simply gorgeous!