CD-i king and Zelda cosplay

King Harkinian is by far the most widely cosplayed character from the CD-i Zelda games, but occasionally he does not cosplay alone. The two cosplays I have lined up today feature the king with his beloved daughter, Princess Zelda herself. Interestingly, I could not find any other examples of someone cosplaying CD-i Princess Zelda outside of partnering up with a king. And what about Link? We haven’t seen any cosplay of him yet either.

Cd-i king and Zelda cosplay

Lutra-AFW and calistamonkey dressed up as the king and Zelda in 2010 for the London MCM Expo. This photo was taken by Littlelinky and I remember it being shared around the Zelda community at the time.

Cd-i king and Zelda cosplay

Here’s myself and The Missing Link ready to attend the Zelda symphony concert in Sydney last month.

With this being the last cosplay feature for CD-i Month, I’m a little bit sad that I could find no other Zeldas, and more than that, I could not find a single person who has cosplayed CD-i Link despite extensive searches. The best I can give you is Omender, who did the classic “Gee, it sure is boring around here” pose while in a traditional Link costume.

Almost CD-i Link cosplay

If you know of any CD-i cosplay that hasn’t been featured during CD-i Month, let us know in the comments below!