CD-i Zelda games

Now that we’re into the final week of CD-i month, we know that many of you must be eager to get your hands on the CD-i Zelda games and own them for yourself. Well, never fear! We wouldn’t tease you with pieces of CD-i goodness all month without also showing you where you can buy them.

So, where exactly can you buy a Philips CD-i and the infamous Zelda games almost 20 years after they were released? Hit the jump and find out.

Ebay of course! In fact, not only are people selling old CD-i consoles on there, there are even businesses refurbishing them, so you know that your new old console will work when you receive it.

Daily Deals Electronics Shop is one such seller. They have a package consisting of a refurbished CD-i, the gamepad controller and 12 games, including Link: The Faces of Evil and Hotel Mario for $355. They also have a couple of refurbished CD-i 220 consoles, one for $195 and one for $225. They’re also selling a portable CD-i along with 8 games, although the games aren’t listed. Their full list of consoles can be viewed at their store.

dorwena777 also specializes in renewed CD-i consoles. They have a CD-i with a wired controller for $245 and one with the gamepad controller for $249. Check out their entire list of items to see what other CD-i gear they have.

Philips CD-i console

The games are considered to be rare, but there are a few copies floating around right now. Someone is even selling Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon together for $230, and this would be my pick for someone wanting to start a CD-i Zelda collection.

There are also a couple of copies of Link: The Faces of Evil that look like they’re in very good condition, one for $115 and the other is $121. Both include the manual.

There’s a copy of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon that has never been played selling for $135. There are a few more copies currently listed on eBay for between $300-$800, and one person is even trying to sell a copy for $17,000. Be quick with this one as it’s currently on sale from its original price of $20,000.

Zelda’s Adventure is the rarer of the three games. There’s currently only one copy listed, which is currently at $102, but it has 9 bids so far.

Do you own any of the CD-i Zelda games? Tempted to run off and purchase any of these that we’ve pointed out? Let us know in the comments!

  • Darkly

    E-bay Ebay, seems a risky website.

    I once read a lady got some Pokemon GBA games off there and 4 out of 5 didn't work.

    If it was a different site Amazon I might buy items off there.

    Does anyone know any websites which are safe?

    • Jochem

      eBay works with feedback. When a seller sells something, the buyer leaves either positive or negative feedback. You can always see when it's safe, because the % of positive feedback shows up right next to the seller's name. When a seller has below 95% I would think twice. There's plenty of sellers on eBay ranging between 99~100% 🙂

      • Darkly

        When I read the title at first I thought it was a competition.
        below 95% wow that's tight.
        I'm not found of these games, but if you or a different person is then have fun.

        Is it true next month on here being Zelda The Wind Waker , Once on I saw a seller I never checked the name, just saw it at the side selling the game for a shocking yes wait for it…..


        I've never got second hand items online. I have asked people before of sites they've used and found safe, like, Amazon.

        But I just don't know that many websites.

    • Callin

      Almost all the Pokemon games on ebay are bootlegs. There are loads of warning signs though. Don't buy from Hong Kong, don't buy from sellers who have multiple copies of the game game, check feedback…Just do a little research and you won't have any trouble finding working games.

      Also, the Pokemon GBA games used batteries, which are probably out of energy by now, even on legit games.

  • nasune

    It’s funny but I can probably get them in very good condition for about 40 euros each, hell I’ve even bought Wand of Gamelon in good condition (no scratches, original casing without cracks etc. for 10 euro’s).

  • bob

    I have all above games for sale. also 68 more

    • Theo Buck Gibbs

      Can you call me? I am very interested in all the zelda and mario games… 4062403373

    • Theo Buck Gibbs

      Can you call me? I am very interested in all the zelda and mario games… 4062403373

  • Thomas Andersen

    I only miss Zelda’s Adventure in my collection! Got the two other CD-I’s sealed for about 80$(each) 10years ago!