GlitterBerri, who helped translate a large amount of content for Hyrule Historia, is hard at work again translating a foreign piece of literature. The Zelda Box was a special box set edition of The Wind Waker released in Japan. This set included a guidebook that contained unique concept art, interviews, commentary, and design sketches, which you will not find in any other publication. Hyrule Historia doesn’t even contain such content.

GlitterBerri has translated eight sections of the book as of now and continues to decipher the foreign text. These eight sections include:

• The Main Characters
• The Secondary Characters
• The Sages
• The Outset Islanders
• The Windfall Islanders
• Tingle, Zephos, and Cyclos
• The Minor Characters
• Monsters: Part 1

Many interesting facts and revelations have been revealed through GlitterBerri’s work. For example, Tingle was originally planned to only appear in Majora’s Mask and Bokoblins had an alternate name during the development stage. To find out what this name was and many more insights of The Wind Waker’s development process, head over to GlitterBerri’s website.

Source: GlitterBerri (via GoNintendo)