With all the YouTube poop out there, you might be asking yourself: “Who makes the best poop?” Well, I can only speak for myself but to me, it’s – hands down – MeStarStudios. His channel has dozens of Zelda CD-i poop videos with excellent humor and the production value makes his videos seem like the Hollywood movies of YouTube poop. You might say that a “high quality poop” is a bit of an oxymoron and defeats the point of a poop, but if you watch his videos you’ll see that it’s really a pointless argument.

I recommend visiting MeStarStudios’ channel but you can see two of my personal favourites below. The first follows the story of Link trying to steal the King’s cereal and the second shows a daring King walking into a haunted house where he encounters a horror worse than any ghost. Enjoy!


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  • Poop

    SwishFilmsInc by far

  • anon

    "This is actually how it looks when you're about to get transformed into Weegee."

  • guest

    Sorry, this is utter poop.

  • TheGrave

    MeStarStudios is pretty overrated in my opinion. It's all style over substance. He's basically the Michael Bay of YTP. SwishFilmsInc, QuibbyJibby, and of course walrusguy are the standards for when it comes to good Zelda-related poops.