In last week’s look at CD-i Zelda cosplay, I mentioned that the king from Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon is by far the most popular character for cosplay. This week I bring you a second helping of King Harkinian costumes.

CD-i king cosplay

This king was photographed at a convention by Peepsicle. We don’t know who he is, but judging by the comments on the picture on deviantART, he made a lot of peoples’ days.



Anonymous-Mystery took this photo of a king cosplayer at Youmacon, but like the photographer’s name, the identity of the cosplayer remains a mystery.



Here’s Zelda Universe’s own The Missing Link, who was also seen as the king in our CD-i month mailbag.



Lutra-AFW makes an especially thoughtful-looking king, as photographed by Moozman. I bet he’s about to come out with another earth-shattering statement along the lines of, “I wonder what’s for dinner?”


CD-i king cosplay

This king, spotted at Fanimecon in 2011 had a very creatively-made beard and moustache and he’s rocking those shades. Photographed by Tyranogre and Zora.



Making a mask is one way to complete the overall Harkinian look, as this cosplayer spotted by WolfmanStarrk shows.