You may remember the story of a father hacking The Wind Waker to alter Link’s gender so that it matched that of his daughter’s; similarly, someone has taken this concept a step further, completely swapping the roles of Link and Zelda in the original Legend of Zelda.  Kenna W., a professional animator, edited a ROM copy of the game allowing Zelda to become the savior of Hyrule.

Kenna explains her motivation behind the change:

“For me, I played my first Zelda game when I was pretty young, and at the time, I thought the game did star Princess Zelda. I figured I’d get to play as a magical battle princess that saved her kingdom. The game was fun, but I was bummed out that I never got to play as Zelda.”

The mod was created in about four days using a sprite editor; furthermore, the game’s opening and closing scrolls have also been altered to include Zelda’s identity. Kenna created a patch for the unedited ROM, which is available on her blog. The download and instructions on how to run it can be found here.

Source: Kenna’s Blog (via Kotaku)
  • swiper

    And yet another thing feminists somehow manage to ruin.

    • Hali

      Dude, modern feminism certainly has its flaws, but the creation of this game isn't one of them.

      No manifestos have been included. There are no ideologies behind this. There's not even evidence that gender is a thing at play. The motivation behind it is, like all mods and hacks, "Wouldn't it be cool if…"

      Also, there's no sense of entitlement or demands issued. She didn't insist that everyone else should make the game for her, or that Nintendo should retcon Link's gender, or that that her hack is superior to the original game. She wanted to play as Zelda, so she coded and animated a hack so that she could do so.

      Modders have done more daring things than change the playable character in games. Let's not get worked up, just because someone dared to do it with a girl, mm?

  • Jay

    How is that ruined? I've been playing Zelda religiously for over twenty years and LOVE seeing stuff like this. You're obviously just pissed off that you can't get a girl to fuck you.

  • Barb

    Feminism means equal rights for women. Does that position have something to do with altering a game so that people can choose what gender they wish to play as? Is this change negatively affecting anyone? Why don't people think before they type?

  • Rob

    The majority of fantasy fiction/movies/games is written from the male POV. Females have to read/watch/play this point of view all the time. They do it all the time. Don't whine if on the rare occasion someone creates an option.

  • Guest

    The sprite Zelda is adorable. 🙂

  • Vladislak

    I have no problem with this hack, the one where they changed WW's text to be all she/her was kinda creepy since It was clearly still Link, he still didn't actually look like a girl (granted he was a child but still).

    This one changed the sprite appropriately so I say more power to you if you want to do this kind of thing.
    In fact I would mind trying this rom myself.

  • Rofang

    It's amazing how sexists crawl out of the woodwork whenever something cool like this gets posted. "More girls as main characters?! NOT ON MY WATCH!"

  • Doctor Hunt

    We should change Samus in Metroid 1 to a male to compensate

  • Lucas

    I'm definitely not saying this is a bad thing. I'm not a misogynist pig, but if a father hacked Metroid to make Samus a man because his son didn't like playing as a girl, there wouldn't be nearly as warm of a response as this.

  • Mark

    one easy word Pokemon. You can play as either a boy or a girl.

    from the way comments are going it sounds like to them that human life is a meaningless thing.

    What next in the comments that people should only be friends with people of the same skin color as them. or you should only stick around others as the same sex as them >:(

    I don't care what color a person skin is, hair, eyes or sex is.
    at the end of the day were all people 😀

  • Mark

    P.S I think hacking peoples hard worked games is wrong.
    it would be like me walking up to you and saying I will punch you in the face, for no reason.

    anyway there are female characters the father is too lazy too look around for some.

    Peach has been one is Super Princess Peach ,Samus from Metroid ,Laura Craft from Tomb raider, Jade from beyond good and Evil , April Ryan The Longest Journey, Chell from Portal ,Danica patrick from Sonic and Sega all-stars racing transformed

    They say beyond good and Evil is an excellent game.

    Birdo unknown ha ha if any suggests what the booklet said, thinking if the booklet in Metroid it called the main character a he at the end of the game it was a really powerful woman.

    • Fishman

      That's Lara Croft, small fry!

      • Mark

        I find people's names hard to spell sometimes you meanie!
        By the way what's with all them seagulls flying around you for.
        opps too late ha ha ha.

  • Loco4Loki

    Well it IS called The Legend of Zelda….

  • Zelda and hero only go together when isn't is in between them. Zelda is supposed to be a usless damsel. But i see why you would want to play as zelda. WHy not make a zelda game where the title matches who you are?

  • Lady

    Here's an idea develop your own video game and you chose what the character is Capcom did it I don't rememebr the games name when the developer asked what sex should be the boss didn't care and he chose a female character

  • Three Pendants

    This would take literally about 30 minutes to anyone with a modicum of hacking skill, yet it gets attention where people have made Play as Zelda mods in Zelda Classic for Years and that garners absolutely no attention?

    Now if this was done with OoT or even A Link to the Past I may be less negative but this is just not worth a news article.

    Here's a Real Zelda Mod, that makes Zelda more than a choice, but the designated main character…

    With all new gameplay, yet decidingly Zelda atmosphere and several endings I think this should be the game which gets an article!

  • Darkly

    Aren't ROMs illegal?
    Sona Brigder Help I can't remember her name it was a Japanse game but it looked really cool.