You may remember the story of a father hacking The Wind Waker to alter Link’s gender so that it matched that of his daughter’s; similarly, someone has taken this concept a step further, completely swapping the roles of Link and Zelda in the original Legend of Zelda.  Kenna W., a professional animator, edited a ROM copy of the game allowing Zelda to become the savior of Hyrule.

Kenna explains her motivation behind the change:

“For me, I played my first Zelda game when I was pretty young, and at the time, I thought the game did star Princess Zelda. I figured I’d get to play as a magical battle princess that saved her kingdom. The game was fun, but I was bummed out that I never got to play as Zelda.”

The mod was created in about four days using a sprite editor; furthermore, the game’s opening and closing scrolls have also been altered to include Zelda’s identity. Kenna created a patch for the unedited ROM, which is available on her blog. The download and instructions on how to run it can be found here.

Source: Kenna’s Blog (via Kotaku)