Dinner blaster CD-i Zelda YouTube poop

We’ve made it halfway through CD-i Month without posting a single YouTube poop video yet. Yet if it weren’t for poop videos, the CD-i Zelda games may not be so well-known today. So it’s time for an oldie but a goodie: a well-known poop featuring the king and his dinner blaster.


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  • Guest

    I lost a few IQ points watching this.

    • Darkly

      this video is weirder than the next one.
      What's with the Luigi bashing.

  • Mark

    Stop showing the CD-i Zelda games I feel sad.

  • Guest

    Wth Was This???
    Not Worth MY Time
    And I agree I also Lost IQ points while watching this

  • Anonymous

    Slender Man is Watching You…

  • Anand

    Guy's Slender Man is not real
    if he was then he would slam my head into my keyboard right,erghiegjfekfegfhegfcegfvbygfvhgjrhujvhgaujhrk,ghju,kghersghjvughueihgGHUYUJHSGUYTtUruGIGEGFGWGUggfrhgukhsgfsgvugrtiugrtficfsuygiuegtfiuweghuliehguerhgu

  • veeronic

    don't think we can take another 15 days of this crap… you should have kept it to a week.

    • RPH1

      When they 1st started this, what went thru my head was "Don't forget the Wind Waker anniversary!" If they spent the rest of March covering The Wind Waker, that'd be fine with me.

  • Mark

    More like 0 days, when placed the horrible CD-i games on here it became a bad day.
    It's just as bad as that stinking Twilight book, hearing some freaks going on about it.

  • Enigma

    I don’t think it is neceasarly bad that there is a zelda cd I month. I certainly laughed at this poop video. And Zelda Eternity is having a Windwaker month just to let you know 🙂

    • Mark

      I don't like the CD-i none of there games, even if Link was the main hero for all 3 of them it would still suck.
      all games I heard are equally bad.
      the video's upset me.

      anyway a Twilight loving nut she started being nasty to black people at a college I went to once. anyway I found the theme creepy

  • Not bad could use muffins NOT hamburgers though :3

  • Weboh

    Don't you love how all of these people are hating on the CDi games when they've never played them? They've just heard people tell them how bad they are; and lots of people hate MM and WW, so they tell you that's bad. Aren't you glad you didn't take their word for that?

    • dude

      there are lots of Youtube video out there on the Philips CD-i, I've watched some I don't like Hotel Mario even when he talks he sounds like a heavy chain smoker both brothers 🙁

      However I saw a unfinished clip of Mario wacky worlds it was said to be a good game but it was never finished.

      Odd I read MM that people want a remake of it on Nintendo 3DS. I liked that game it's but shorter. people want a remake of this game, in stead of a Link to the past.

      At first people were getting angry at the WW because of the Graphics, but when it was played people options changed to good.