Greetings adventurer! Before you delve any further into CD-i Month, it is strongly recommended that you read this comprehensive guide to the inventory one uses while playing The Faces of Evil just in case you happen upon a stray Gleeok. In this guide you will find jewellery, drinks, and a hat that will quickly make a fashion statement. So without further ado, we’re off!

BombIconAn old favourite, bombs have been around in the Zelda series since the dawn of time. Literally. They perform the same functions as in other Zelda games, but the difference here is that you can carry 99 of them right off the bat! The developers sure were in a generous mood.

CanteenIconArguably the most useful item a player can have, the empty bottle makes an appearance in Faces, although it is called the canteen. There is only one liquid you can fill it with though. That would be the Water of Life, which sounds kind of weak on the surface, but it restores all of your hearts with one swig. Sort of reminds me of those flavoured tap water dispensers that is guaranteed to make your kids drink, drink, and drink.

SwordIconYes, the sword. We love it, we need it, we kill monsters with it. It is once again the main weapon of choice. Maybe we will get a spear or quarterstaff in some future title.

FireSwordIconAdmit it. Nothing feels better than slashing your sword and watching a beam travel from it and impale a monster. This is the only upgrade your sword receives, allowing it to fire fast power beams that damage your enemies. For some reason I am getting a mental image of the tiny, laser shooting sword Link uses in the TV series. Blam blam!

LanternOfVisionIconI generally don’t like lanterns due to the need for lantern oil, but I might make an exception for this one. The lantern in Faces has three stages. In the first stage it functions like a normal lantern that requires lantern oil. You can carry 99 lantern oils, if that makes any sense. Later in the game, it can be upgraded to the Magic Lantern. The difference here is that it requires no oil to run it. I guess magic is a clean, safe, alternative energy! The last form is called the Lantern of Vision. This gives you the ability to see invisible monsters. I wouldn’t go for this upgrade. What you can’t see can’t hurt you, right?

ShieldIconI love shields very much. If I had to choose an item to spend Valentine’s Day with, it would be the shield. At the end of a game, you should get a stat that shows how much damage your shield saved you from in the game. This shield is a bit different though. It only protects you from ranged attacks, and then only if you are motionless. At least it has your initial carved on it so you can prove it is yours in case you find a way to lose it.

ReflectingShieldIconWait, the initial is gone now! I want my old shield back! This “upgraded” version of your shield is known as the Reflecting Shield. As its name cleverly suggests, you can now reflect energy attacks right back into your attacker’s face. I think I would still call it the Mirror Shield though. Force of habit I guess.

PowerGloveIconThe Power Glove essentially turns you into the Incredible Hulk, or in this case, the Incredible Link. It allows you to beat up monsters faster, and break boulders that would normally require multiple bombs. You must have a pretty darn sturdy sword if you can break giant rocks with it.

RopeIconNo, you don’t strangle enemies with this however cool that may sound. Instead you use the rope to climb up to high places. This rope has a unique feature that you don’t find when using a hook shot, grappling hook, or whip. This rope gets used up. Your rope count drops one every time you use it, so you had better be careful how often you climb cliffs. How many can you carry? 99. Yeah, never mind. Go climb Mt. Everest with all that rope while you’re at it.

SnowballIconThis item was so cool that I did a double take. Yes, it is what it looks like. A snowball. Seriously. You can have an honest to goodness snowball fight in The Faces of Evil! It functions as your ranged weapon, with a capacity of… 99! How do you carry around snowballs all day? Magic!

FireStoneIconOh this gets even better. Your snowballs share space with Fire Stones. Try to explain that! These nifty hot coals can be used to instantly kill ice enemies or damage others. Capacity? 99. Hooray!

WingedHelmetIconHere it is folks! Coming soon to your local retailer, this Winged Helmet will set a new fashion trend that will go down in history. Not only is it incredibly stylish, but it functions much like the Roc’s Cape in other Zelda titles. Chasm too wide to jump? No problem. I suppose this is Faces‘ version of those multicoloured hats with propellers on top that you never see anymore.

BellIconThis is quite possibly the coolest original item from the CD-i games. The Bell allows you to ring it. Heck yeah! That’s worth it right there, but as a bonus it also stops (freezes) all the flying enemies on the screen for a grand total of eight seconds. Just to make sure you don’t go around ringing the Bell the whole game though, you are charged five rupees every time you use it. This would have been really useful for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz against those nasty flying monkeys.

Crystal_of_ReflectionThe Crystal of Reflection is what you will use to upgrade your shield to the Reflecting Shield. That is, if you are lucky enough to have it when you bump into the Ice Queen. And you don’t get to keep it after the upgrade. Rats.

Ice_CrystalThis is a most welcome item to see. The Ice Crystal allows you to upgrade your pitiful Normal Lantern into the stellar Magic Lantern! There need to be Ice Crystals in Twilight Princess.

Crystal_of_VisionThe Crystal of Vision (just saying that makes me feel like an old man from the Zelda series) lets you upgrade your now only slightly stellar Magic Lantern into the awesome Lantern of Vision. It’s so simple that it is crystal clear!

Fire_diamondThis is the secret to upgrading your sword. The Fire Diamond has no other use. Although it does look cool. Maybe you can sell it. Maybe.

Grapple_berriesNo, these are not for eating. These are Grapple Berries silly! And you use them to create the power glove silly! So try to avoid munching on them if you wish to adventure far. That’s what your Water of Life is for.

NecklaceYou rescue this precious Necklace from a Gleeok (told you they would show up) and return it to the Fat Woman. That is her name. Whew. In return, she gives you the Canteen so you can carry the Water of Life. Just for fun, you should try pawning the Necklace sometime.

BookOfKorodaiIconThis is a book. And you use it to defeat Ganon. Although if you just throw a book at Ganon, it won’t do anything. This is why you also have to throw its Really Impressive Title along with it. “The Book of Koridai!” you yell as you throw the book at Ganon. This will usually defeat him. The Book of Koridai actually functions like the Silver Arrows in The Legend of Zelda. It is the only thing that is capable of defeating Ganon. So get this book before fighting him. Please.

Now you are ready to face the trials you will encounter in The Faces of Evil. Let it not be said among Zelda gamers that you have not been properly educated in the ways of the complex and diverse CD-i inventory.

Grab your stuff and go adventuring!