Miyamoto Polygon Interview

Interviews with Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto are still rolling in, and this time it’s a fascinating video interview with Polygon. Among the many things that were said, perhaps the most interesting was this little tidbit that he shared on the early development ideas  for Oracle of Ages/Seasons.

Nintendo were toying with the idea of making the games follow a more episodic structure, with dungeons sold individually. While the team ultimately decided against it, Miyamoto is interested in the possibilities that the eShop provides regarding the way games can be distributed. Read on to hear it from the man himself.

“When we first released The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Ages and Oracle of Seasons on GameBoy Color many years ago, the original idea for those games was for them to be more episodic in content and the development actually started with the notion of potentially trying to sell dungeons individually. At the time that we were working on the Oracle games, we felt that it just wasn’t right to deliver the game in that fashion.

While there are undoubtedly many who prefer their Zelda games in a large package as opposed to bite-size chunks, the possibility of DLC expansions for Zelda Wii U is very exciting – given how there is usually a long agonising wait between each big Zelda release, expanding the game over time could be a great idea. Miyamoto comments on this, sharing that he too is fascinated by the idea:

“But when we look at, for example, what we’ve done with the eShop and the possibilities that lie there and particularly with the fact that we’re able to patch now existing games that have already been released, that then opens up the possibility for downloadable content or adding new levels to a game that’s already been released.

“So certainly we’re seeing the way that this is already changing things and it’s definitely an area that we’re still looking at and we’ll continue to look at. From where the technology is and the eShop has developed to at this point, we do have the ability to sell as a package game or only as a digital game, we have the ability to sell in increments or different installments so we can explore those different functions.”

Remember you can watch the full video here. Many other Nintendo assets outside of Zelda are discussed, including the “Year of Luigi”, fully utilising the Wii U GamePad and what’s in store for Nintendo at E3.

Source: Polygon
  • Guest

    That is unsettling. The future of Zelda is looking as bleak as ever. I'll be expecting to pay for new weapons and upgrades in the not-to-distant future.

    • Hylian Hero

      I think they mean by expanding the adventure that when your done with Zelda Wii u, you can buy DLC to do EXTRA storys or sidequets. Also with the weapons, youll always have default weapons in Zelda ( arrows, bombs, boomarang etc.) but instaed of just upgrading, ( like in SS, I hope it stays) maybe we can buy whole new weapons entirely. And the big N knows about DLC, sure they dont use it often and you wont see them realising an unfinshed game and exspecting you to pay for the ending, but with FE:A it works perfectly. there not cheap jerks who exspect for you to pay again for a game you already payed for.

  • Mahboi

    This is actually… not a good thing. Nintendo isn't there yet, but they're only just discovering DLC- more accurately in some cases, IAP (in-app purchases). In my opinion, these purchases have never helped a game, ever, and games that use them profusely are doomed to scorn and contempt. Anybody play Sonic Dash on iOS? The IAP's are unacceptable. You pay for content that you already downloaded- it's sitting on your device and you paid for it already, but you have to pay again to see it? A lot of companies have fallen into this trap; Nintendo hasn't, partly because they haven't done much of it yet, but the way they handle IAP's is to be seen.

    So, Nintendo: if you want to do DLC, make it DLC, not just IAP's. It's acceptable to charge a small price for completely new dungeons, even alternate quests, or special items that are not already hidden on the retail disk or in the download. It's NOT acceptable to charge full price for a half finished game that is later propped up by DLC/IAP's, and it is NOT acceptable to charge money to unlock content already paid for. You can do it.

    • Arya Stark

      That's my biggest worry too. Look how the tales games are now going for example. You used to be able to get the WHOLE game a wonderful experience for RPGs. It was my last bastion for a great rpg that followed a basis that I preferred. But like every thing else it's starting to conform to dlc. Now titles/costumes that were something you EARNED and felt awesome for finding you have to pay for and get maybe 4 costumes that aren't even that interesting.

      The reason why I love Zelda is because it stuck to being a FULL COMPLETE experience. Nothing should be tacked on as if it was forgotten or last minute or look like the desperate attempt at squeezing people's wallets. I get that this is a business, but at the same time you want to keep the loyal fans you have instead of bleeding them dry.

  • Fizz

    I don't like the idea of paying for content that should simply be in the game already. There's just no way to reconcile that. If they develop new dungeons between Zelda games… just put the new dungeon in the next Zelda game.

    The Oracle games managed to fit over 18 dungeons into both games, released at the same time. Even individually the games had an astounding amount of content.

    If they're suggesting a New Super Luigi U situation, essentially a Master Quest version of a game, that is more agreeable, but I'm still of the opinion that these things should be included in the game at the outset. Then again, we had to pay extra for the Master Quest anyway…

  • Z-MAN7

    Chill out guys this is Nintendo we are talking about, not EA Games.

    They are still committed to making full lengthy games, but now with updates and DLC they can create new content to provide some extra mileage for games.

  • Manderson

    I don't see how a Zelda game could have DLC and still be a Zelda game. With all other games, each dungeon would follow the story, and give you an item to progress through the game. If there was DLC for new dungeons, they wouldn't be following the story.

    The only type of DLC that could make sense is for different game types, like a challenge mode, or if they added some type of multiplayer to it (Which doesn't seem too likely for a 3d zelda).
    They could also do something where people could play through extra dungeons that you can download, and have a time trial type of mode so there is a reason to play them. If that happened, it would work better as a place where you can build your own dungeons and submit them for other people to play, but once again, it seems unlikely for a Zelda game.

    • Fizz

      That could work for a 2D Zelda, for example if they developed an engine similar to ALttP (or FSA) and allowed for user-created dungeons, that would be absolutely amazing. I don't see it happening though, else they would of done it for Mario already, and creating dungeons is far, far more complex than a single Mario stage, even in a 2D Zelda. If it was just pure mazes like the NES games, then perhaps.

  • Soeroah

    Holy ****. The Oracles are my favourite Zelda games and were my first, if the dungeons were sold separately I would most likely have never gotten into the series.

    Thank the Triforce they changed their tune on that. I hope they don't go story-significant DLC in the future. Cave of Ordeals type stuff, okay, but not important dungeons with a relevancy to the plot.

  • DarkenedGlyphs

    How are the games supposed to play if they are each dungeons sold separately? it would be a mish mash of confusion hey im confuzzled just from reading the first paragraph.

  • NoReason757

    Well it all depends on how one looks at the situation, I'm a positive person so in a positive aspect, lets picture something. What if the Wii u Zelda is a direct sequel to skyward sword. Link and Zelda are exploring the new vast world. Something happens bla bla bla Zelda gets kidnapped or whatever and so link goes through dungeons and looks for her. The game finishes with link rescuing Zelda of course, but there's still a lot to explore. The dlc could offer new locations and dungeons in hyrule. And also there could be like special dlc where link can visit different times in the future (for instance like other Zelda games) and we would have the ability to go to some of these dungeons from the other games but with this new link and in HD. The possibilities are quite endless. So dlc doesn't have to be bad it's all on how they decide to use it.

  • Echon

    I thought they wanted to move towards a non-linear route…. This sounds even more railroaded than ever. While I prefer a more linear game because plot can have a higher emphasis in it than in a non-linear game…I also like my games delivered to me in one neat, complete package.

  • MinishDude

    I'd rather have the whole game when I buy it. It's one thing to patch in additional content that they didn't include in the original programming (seemingly like Skyrim: Dawnguard or whatever it's called), or distribute additional things for free over WiFi (ie. the SpotPass teams in Fire Emblem: Awakening, or DLC items in Animal Crossing).

    But I hate when games charge money for things that should have been included in the game (something pivotal, like dungeons in Zelda), or are already in the data. Because then it seems like they intentionally make the games lack in content so they could charge money (my go-to example would be Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as King, where you have to pay for all non-Clavat races, larger house upgrades, etc. Only DLC I think belongs as paid DLC are the alternative outfits for the King and Chime)

  • Sinni

    No, no, no!!
    This will only be acceptable IF they release a full length game (such as the previous games) then added OPTIONAL extras to purchase to expand the game if you WANTED to… I don’t want to HAVE to purchase extra content to complete a ge I’ve purchased, and I sure as hell don’t want to purchase a half complete game with ‘more to come’…

    Just no, Nintendo, this never works for anyone!

  • RPH1

    I like the idea of Super Luigi U, but the only thing I can think of for Zelda DLC would be playing as Zelda in Z:SS so we can see what she and Impa went through. But that has come and gone. I can't imagine them doing things like Mario Kart Wii where you get a tournament with slight variations to the tracks.