CD-i King Cosplay

Mah boi! This cosplay is what all true warriors strive for. King Harkinian is by far the most popular CD-i Zelda character when it comes to cosplay, so the second of CD-i month’s cosplay Tuesdays features several kings.

CD-i king cosplay

This king was spotted at Anime Expo last year. Unfortunately, the cosplayer himself doesn’t have a deviantART account so I don’t know exactly who he is, but the original picture was found here.



Our second cosplayer is thepsynergist, who dressed as the king for Fanime in 2009. He was snapped by RevoGeist.



Hellforcexxx made his king costume for Happy Famiree. Photo taken by BigAl2k6.



King Harkinian is a great idea for a Halloween costume, as shown here by splash21111.



If you’re worried that your face and index finger don’t look enough like cartoons in order to pull off the king’s look, that’s ok. Just make a mask, like this anonymous cosplayer spotted by ACSephiroth did.