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Hi there, Universe! Long time no see, right? Well, I am back, and I have a couple of tracks that will make your Monday a bit more musical! Today we focus on winter in the Zelda universe, because it’s almost time for spring, so let’s ignore the inevitable change of seasons and pretend the sun that is blinding us when we leave our gamer-caves is covered by snowy clouds.

It’s no secret that I love me some Spirit Tracks, and recently I reorchestrated “Anouki Village’s Theme” into a less terrible song. I mean, there is something charming about Anouki Village; what with the magical half-raindeer-half-penguin guys waddling around and all that snow, right? Anouki Village is one of my favourite places to hang out in Spirit Tracks, solely because of the atmosphere. It’s a pretty bland place, and has pretty bad music if you ask me, but I think my interpretation might have solved that pesky music problem. After my masterpiece*, I found a delightfully new and inventive remix of the “Ice Cavern Theme” from Ocarina of Time that sounds like it should be playing in the world’s coolest Zelda lounge ever in the history of the world. Seriously, this remix is one of a kind and is spectacular. Hit the jump to hear both, and my respective thoughts on both!

*Masterpiece doesn’t describe my song, it describes that Ice Cavern remix. I just need a self esteem boast. 

Like the celesta? I went a bit nuts with it, but I think it works with the song. I wanted to make it sound quiet and relaxing (which is sort of my style if you haven’t guessed by now), because I think that’s what winter really is. It may be March, and the sun may be streaming through my windows, but it’s winter in my heart! I’m really pleased with my work on that song, and I hope you are too! If you want to hear any more ZeldaTunes, you can check out my YouTube channel by clicking here!

Oh my Goron-poop. If that is not the coolest dang remix I’ve heard in the longest time. You need to check out YouTuber Alec Brooke, because he needs more recognition for this giant ball of amazing sauce. I can’t say anything bad about this remix at all, it just is incredible, end of story. Ice Cavern is a cool place, but the music never stuck out to me much–but this wonderful remix rectifies that! Phenomenal work, Alec. The Universe thanks you for being alive.

  • DarkenedGlyphs

    I am first

  • InZane

    I am error

    • ijuin

      I am Bagu

  • Mickii

    I honestly like your remix better.

  • Echon

    Anouki Village was the better one, in my opinion.

    The Ice Cavern remix has an extremely repetitive sound that is present from beginning to end with only a couple (and intensely short) pause in the middle and towards the end somewhere (that I think was the tune looping, rather than an actual break in the music) and dominates the song in the wrong way. It's the cymbals/clapping thing (at least, it sounds likes it supposed to be cymbals and clapping). The other parts of the song – which did sound rather nice – should've dominated and that cymbals/clapping thing. The constant ascending-descending structure (I dunno anything about music, so I don't know what else to call it) that was also fairly present throughout the song got a little grating after a while too, especially when it was playing alone with the cymbals/clapping.

    • "I dunno anything about music" I see that didn't stop you from your little essay? lol The repetitive nature of the song comes with the territory of the genre. The track was structured to be played in clubs. The build-up at the beginning and gradual closing at the end adheres to the 'Club Mix' formula, so DJs have a reference to mix between tracks. I'm kind of surprised you didn't mention the xylophone solo. That was original content! I saw you at least appreciated some of the track, but it's a little annoying when feedback focuses on the negative.