The CD-i Zelda month celebrations continue with another artistic portrayal of classic, cheesy Zelda cut scenes. Mixing his love for Etch-A-Sketching and CD-i Zelda games, one of ZU’s very own has combined two of the most tedious works of art to create a more aesthetic form. Rather than watching a boring, two hour video of his hands moving back and forth, Kaiser has created an Etch-A-Sketch speed art for your viewing pleasure.

Shake it away Kaiser!

If you enjoyed this Etch-A-Sketch speed art, you can view more of Kaiser’s work on his YouTube channel.

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  • I never thought I'd be so amused by the combination of such a terrible game with such an old toy. Incredible work!

    • kaiser13576

      Whoa, whoa, he was saying the CD-i games were terrible…

  • If you look really, really carefully, you can actually find great CDi art and redesigns of characters that would look great if they decided to completely remake the games from ground up.

  • DarkenedGlyphs

    Skill is right there