If you haven’t yet seen Eggbusters, the YouTube show focused on fascinating video game glitches in partnership with Nintendo Everything, this is an ideal time to start. The latest episode tackles Twilight Princess and the title screen warp glitch.

By resetting the game with specific timing, you can actually explore the rendered Hyrule that appears on the title screen. It’s the same as the one you traverse legitimately in the game, but one eerily unpopulated and brimming with bugs. Hit the jump to watch the video!

As you’d expect, all kinds of weird stuff happens, such as character models disappearing during cutscenes, random spawn points after dying, and there’s even a few small sections that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise see while playing the game.

The possibilities of this glitch are so astounding that creator Austin even said he may even revisit the glitch at a later time, as there is still more untapped potential in the weirdness that ensues when exploring the glitch – more than even 14 minutes of footage can contain.

A very interesting watch, and you can even try it out yourself!

Source: YouTube (via Nintendo Everything)
  • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

    Reluctant to try.

    • As far as I know, there's nothing game-breaking about this glitch if that's your concern.

  • This is far from the ultimate glitch, the better ones are, Long Jump Attack, Freezard Skip, gate clip and early master sword, and those are just a few.

    • That's true, there certainly are a lot of wonderful glitches in the game. For the sheer depth and possibilities this glitch provides, however, I'd still call it the ultimate one in my humble opinion.

    • snowtiger

      You tell them babydoll <3

  • Destiny

    2:25 "I'm not even on the horse!" Lol my favorite part

  • Loco4Loki

    That would be creepy if he met up with the Link and Epona from the title screen o_O

  • anon

    Wow this is just crazy! I'm laughing and kinda creeped out at the same time. xD

  • Gwydion

    Wow, this was actually really cool! Wonder if there's a way to do it with the GC version – I'll have to look into that.

    • Pseud O Nym

      It is possible on the GC version.

  • Mickii

    I tried this! After the cutscene in Kakariko, everyone becomes spirits except Link, of course.. The gate to Hurdle field was closed, so I went up Death Mountain trail. When I came back down, the gate was gone, and Epona was gone! This glitch is really cool, and it didn't hurt my data.

  • Mickii

    *Hyrule o.o

  • Joshua

    This is actually pretty neat. However, it shouldn't take 20 hours to reach Arbiter's Grounds.

  • Michelle

    I don't suppose this would work with the Gamecube version of the game..?

    • Echon

      On the comments at YouTube, he said it does, you just have to hit reset manually.

  • Repartee

    Wow, that is AWESOME!

  • qwerty


  • Boron

    My favorite glitch is Vanellope Von Schweetz in Wreck It Ralph. She gets to teleport in her race in Sugar Rush.

  • Echon

    Glitches are fun, but I am markedly too much a chicken to actually try glitches most of the time. I just worry about screwing with the coding too much…and my system shooting lightening bolts at me through the TV. Eh-heh!

  • Pseud O Nym

    Ooh, I love this glitch! I've done it so many times!

  • ladyleeloh

    it reminds me of in ocarina of time on n64, if you tilted the cartridge slightly you could walk through/past things you were not able to (like if you were in the beginning of the game in the woods you could leave without a sword/sheild. 🙂

    • Mark

      if you like breaking cartridges be my guest.

  • SnaughtRowkette

    Step 1 Copy your save file that allows you to go to the arbiter grounds then follow the steps under the replicated save file

    Step 2 execute the glitch successfully

    Step 3 jump off side of bridge to bring up HUD and other abilities

    Step 4 right as you get off of the bridge and head towards the field pick up the whistling reed that is by itself next to a pillar and use it twice to successfully call Epona to you. You will have to run towards Hyrule Castle in order to meet her.

    Step 4a Ride Epona to one of the two locations where the game stops rendering the trail between the cliffs, continue to ride into the empty abyss and be amazed that Epona has turned into a Pegasus lol. You can ride all over the map hovering in the air, if you get to close to the rendered areas you will fall, otherwise enjoy for as long as it entertains you.

    Step 4 get two game overs until you can start the save Colin sequence then save the game which under the file which isn't your original save file.
    ( I don't know if you need to save the game here for the next part to work, but this is what has worked for me)

    Step 5 Reset the game and open your new glitch save file which will have three hearts and no items but will have the logged time of your inital save file, plus however long it took you to get to this step.

    Step 6 Be wowed that you are now randomly in the Faron woods hahaha.

    The game places you in the rescue Talo and the Monkey section, but you already have the clothes of the hero. You can basically play the game all the way through from what I can tell. I played until a little bit after I met Midna at the castle.

    I think this might be weird way to a beta version of the game or something like that, it is the full game, but there are oddities here and there; like Link's hood turning up during certain parts of cut scenes because he is supposed to have his ordinary clothes, or Wolf link having the Hylian shield and sword on it's back yet Midna's body goes through it, or Epona stuck halfway in a wall in Ordon although Ilia was just supposed to take her to the spring- then having Epona invisible at the spring during that cut scene sequence.

    I also thought that some of the music was different, some of it wasn't familiar, but then again, it is always a long time from whenever I play the intro of the game.

    Please let me know if you try this or what sort of personal oddities you run into in your exploration of this very random but neat glitch : )