If you haven’t yet seen Eggbusters, the YouTube show focused on fascinating video game glitches in partnership with Nintendo Everything, this is an ideal time to start. The latest episode tackles Twilight Princess and the title screen warp glitch.

By resetting the game with specific timing, you can actually explore the rendered Hyrule that appears on the title screen. It’s the same as the one you traverse legitimately in the game, but one eerily unpopulated and brimming with bugs. Hit the jump to watch the video!

As you’d expect, all kinds of weird stuff happens, such as character models disappearing during cutscenes, random spawn points after dying, and there’s even a few small sections that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise see while playing the game.

The possibilities of this glitch are so astounding that creator Austin even said he may even revisit the glitch at a later time, as there is still more untapped potential in the weirdness that ensues when exploring the glitch – more than even 14 minutes of footage can contain.

A very interesting watch, and you can even try it out yourself!

Source: YouTube (via Nintendo Everything)