Some of you may have heard about this error in Hyrule Historia or noticed it yourself. The gist of it is that there is an image error in Hyrule Historia. As you can see in the above image depicting the four sages, the spirit medallion is placed so that it correlates with Darunia. Conversely, the fire medallion is placed next to Nabooru. Any serious Zelda fan knows that this is mixed up from the game. The real question is, how much does this matter to you?

It would have been partially excusable had this been the first time Nintendo had published Hyrule Historia, but as most of you know, Nintendo first published the Japanese version of this title. After searching around, I came up with a picture of page 89 from the Japanese Hyrule Historia. Low and behold, the page retains the image error.


This page went through two finalizing stages, and this error was not caught. Personally, I am not irked too badly by this, but maybe other people are. Does this mistake ruin the book, or is this simply a detail that can be overlooked when compared to the vast awesomeness that is Hyrule Historia?

Source: Imgur
Via: Zelda Dungeon