Some of you may have heard about this error in Hyrule Historia or noticed it yourself. The gist of it is that there is an image error in Hyrule Historia. As you can see in the above image depicting the four sages, the spirit medallion is placed so that it correlates with Darunia. Conversely, the fire medallion is placed next to Nabooru. Any serious Zelda fan knows that this is mixed up from the game. The real question is, how much does this matter to you?

It would have been partially excusable had this been the first time Nintendo had published Hyrule Historia, but as most of you know, Nintendo first published the Japanese version of this title. After searching around, I came up with a picture of page 89 from the Japanese Hyrule Historia. Low and behold, the page retains the image error.


This page went through two finalizing stages, and this error was not caught. Personally, I am not irked too badly by this, but maybe other people are. Does this mistake ruin the book, or is this simply a detail that can be overlooked when compared to the vast awesomeness that is Hyrule Historia?

Source: Imgur
Via: Zelda Dungeon
  • Orian

    Well, if I wouldn’t have noticed it, I sure will now.

  • soap

    I think part of the reason it keeps getting missed by the editors is that the red medallion fits Nabooru's color scheme better, same as the yellow medallion for Darunia. What I find a big deal is SS associating Nayru with the color yellow and Farore with alternating between blue, blue-green, and green.

    • TheWindWaker333

      Well, yellow/desert has been sort of been associated with Nayru since OoT where the desert colossus is supposed to depict Nayru (and again in Twilight Princess with that goddess statue on top of Arbiter's Grounds). I did find it annoying though that SS was associating Farore with blue and green since blue is definitely Nayru.

      • Rikki Velez

        Don't you find the Pendant of Wisdom in the desert in ALttP as well? Or was that the Pendant of Power?

  • DTF

    I thought it was rather humorous because of how much that game messes with the time stream.

    • Destiny


  • Echon

    I'm with soap here. Color scheme tricked the editors into thinking the medallions were placed properly. At a glance, color scheme tricked me too and I didn't pay attention to the symbol because I was more interested in reading. It's really not so much a big deal to me, personally, because typos and mistakes happen, no matter how well edited a text. *shrugs* I've re-read books I enjoy and come across a typo and blink at a few times, shrug my shoulders and then move on. Sometimes, I even find them amusing.

  • Oh, absolutely it ruins it. I would NEVER let my children lay hands on a book so catastrophically flawed.

  • Davsto

    There are actually quite a few more mistakes, and no-one really cares about them.

  • Jeff

    even though the colors match well, I noticed it within 5 minutes of opening the book and laughed

    any Nintendo publisher that missed that 4+ times should be fired for their lack of spirit
    (pun intended)

  • ForcedUser

    More like something to know and point out as a light-hearted conversational piece when showing off your super-cool Hyrule Historia than something to get genuinely angry about, personally.

  • Neo

    Anyone got a red and orange marker? 😛

  • Zeldafan99

    I like it because if they fix it, I could buy the fixed version, and the one I have now would be worth even more money in the future.

  • The only sad thing about this…. the error is in the Japanese Version of Hyrule Historia as well.

    This means that Dark Horse had every opportunity to fix this previous mistake, but probably in their hasty job somehow missed it.

    • Echon

      Maybe not. Dark Horse's job was translation and editing of the text to fit the layout of the pages, not the artwork. There are different levels of editing in the publishing industry. Looking at the Japanese screenshot of the page and comparing it to the same page in my copy of Hyrule Historia, page layout's identical. Bets are Dark Horse received textless copies of the pages and a set of the text with directions on where that text was to be placed.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Wow, I didn't even notice. Doesn't bother me too much though, everyone makes mistakes.

  • TheWindWaker333

    At least they didn't mix up the fire and water medallions. That would have been stupid.

  • Samuel

    I never noticed till now, I just had a look at it in my English Version of the book and the Mistakes there :P,

  • Judy

    I would ask if i could get a fixed copy but if they werent able to i could deal with it

  • Kelsey

    it irkes me. ive been wanting hyrule historia and i dont understand how that couldve happened. it doesnt irritate me to the point where i wont purchase the book, but it just makes me say "seriously?"

  • Destiny

    It's just one mistake…come on, you gonna hate the book because of one error, just skip the page and see the rest of the beauty! 🙂

    • TGWtZT

      Actually, it wasn't the only mistake. It's true we shouldn't get so upset over the mistakes, but there really is more than 'just one mistake'.

  • Pseud O Nym

    I noticed that mistake upon my first perusal of the book. I could see how the mistake came to be there, since the spirit medallion matches Darunia's coloring and the same with Nabooru and the fire medallion.
    It doesn't bother me. It makes me laugh. Hehe…

  • celly

    It also mentioned how link's mother brought him to the kokiri forest when he was a "babe" not baby. It bothers me because I paid nearly forty bucks for this book have been waiting for it for a long time and they are mistakes in it. I pay for perfection not careless mistakes.

    • Pseud O Nym

      It's no mistake. Babe is another way to say baby.

    • Echon

      Pseud O Nym's correct.

      Besides, Perfection is the enemy of done in editing jobs. You can have a hundred people edit a manuscript, and there would still probably be a mistake somewhere. Our minds can gloss so easily over a switch in letters. It's really not worth letting your enjoyment over the project get soiled, celly. Don't let it ruin your day.

  • Christy

    This error is ridiculous, I demand we all receive free copies of the collectors edition that has fixed this error! Lol

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