Zelda Oracles Coming to Japanese VC

During today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast, Satoru Iwata announced that Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons will be coming to Japan’s 3DS Virtual Console next week.

From the screenshot above, we can confirm that the games will release on Thursday, February 27th. Unfortunately there is currently no information regarding an international release, but this is certainly a promising sign and we can surely expect to see the games on our 3DS screens at some point.

Owners of the original games may remember that you could interact with other players via the old Game Boy Game Link Cable. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo implements this feature wirelessly in the VC versions.

Update: The games will be priced at ¥600 each (around $6.50), and both will also be available as a combined pack next month at ¥1000 (around $10.50). Thanks Joystiq.

Update 2: Eiji Aonuma has confirmed on the Zelda Miiverse that the games will become available in other regions eventually. Here is his message (thanks Kotaku):

Aonuma Zelda Miiverse Update

Source: Nintendo Direct
  • Rachel

    I am so excited! These are the only Zelda games I've never really been able to play. I hope they come to the US soon, I can't wait!

    • Same here! I've been looking into getting the original copies for some time (and probably still will anyway), but a VC release would make it nice and accessible. As one of the few Zelda games I've yet to play, I'm stoked for this.

      • douchiedude

        I have the original games (thanks, eBay), but it would be nice to be able to play all 16 of the timeline games just through my Wii and 3DS.

  • Guil.

    Now this is the reason I bought the 3DS. Because old handheld games weren't coming on the virtual console on the Wii. I was very disappointed when I heard that they weren't part of the Nintendo Ambassador program but I guess it's better late than never. Finally the 3DS will be fully worth it's price.

  • Boron

    I already played these games on the day they came out for GBC.

  • ZPenn

    Bout time. These games are awesome. Can't wait for the inevitable international release.

  • Lucius Optimus

    I have wanted to try these two for long time!

  • RPH1


    Now, if I could find the 4 Swords game for the Gamecube, I will have every Zelda game.

    • Ganon Vader

      Indeed, all we need now is ALTTP on 3DS and a remake of FSA.

      • Seika de Kage

        Heck yes!

    • douchiedude

      Heh, I got it on eBay full with its original box as well as the link cable. I have only beaten one game (OoT, of course), but I'm on a mission to beating all 16 in chronological order. Just got the first flame on SS, but that's on hold until my 3 exams are completed this week =/

  • Soeroah

    Want, want, want.

    Leaving aside the fact this would allow me to have like…Eight or nine Zelda games on a single system, OoA was my very first Zelda game and, while this makes it unlikely a remake will ever be developed, I'd love to have it on my 3DS.

  • Z-MAN7

    This is great, a lot of people missed out on these awesome games because at the time the Gameboy Advance came out and kinda stole the spotlight.

  • lulles

    I'm so excited! I really loved the Oracle games and it's been SO long since I last played them.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    GODDAMNIT NINTENDO these are the last two Zelda games I don't have!!! T_T Hurry uuuuuuuup

  • Gwydion

    Figures this is announced only a short time after I finally got around to finding used copies, lol. I'll probably still get them as it will be amazing to have so many Zelda games all on one system!

  • Zeldafan99

    the two Zelda games I have not been able to get my hands on, FINALLY!!!

  • CheatMasterK

    Yes! The real question is… Will they be just VC titles, or maybe 3D Classics?

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