DYKG Link's Awakening Multiplayer

We’re still discovering the many unravelled secrets and wonders within the mighty Zelda tome, Hyrule Historia. Did You Know Gaming found one such interesting tidbit that I had not yet come across.

In the planning documents for Link’s Awakening, the book shows two characters resembling what appears to be two Links. They are fighting what looks like a boss, and working together in order to defeat it. There is also a note next to the image that reads: “what’re we gonna do about 1P mode?”.

This suggests that the game was originally going to be multiplayer, and it’s possible that these early concepts may have sparked the inspiration for the later Four Swords titles. I was initially pretty disappointed to see that the amazing Link’s Awakening was only given one page (with Twilight Princess receiving a dedicated 32 pages), but even this small space manages to provide some interesting development insight like this. If you have the book, see for yourself on page 144!

Source: Did You Know Gaming
  • Gwydion

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one disappointed by lack of content from Link's Awakening but still excited about the tidbit we did get. That comment about "1P mode" was the first thing in Hyrule Historia that caught my eye. Would have been interesting to see more about that.

    • Definitely. Though it makes me wonder if the majority of the documents and concept art for LA were lost over the years for whatever reason, rather than a choice Nintendo made when writing the book. It's a huge shame and very disappointing to me, as it as my first ever Zelda game.