It’s that time of year again! All of us at Zelda Universe would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Be safe, have fun and play Zelda!

Be sure to let us know what festivities you get up to, and what games or other awesome gifts you received. There may not be a new Zelda title this year, but some of you may be awaiting a brand new Wii U under the tree. Darksiders II is the perfect substitute for a Zelda launch game, and if you get Nintendo Land, Zelda Battle Quest is one amazing game to enjoy with family and friends!

I may have only been news posting for a short while, but thank you all for your participation in the comments, forums and general activity on the site. You’re the reason we work to maintain the site and keep our passion for Zelda going strong. And on that note, thank you to all the ZU staff for not only hiring and welcoming me to a wonderful community, but for doing a fantastic job as always; whether it’s on the front page, forums or doing that super-technical website wizardry in the background. Here’s to another fun year!

[Thanks to Kaiser for the header image!]