Kazuki Yamamoto is an artist in Japan who likes to draw video game, anime and manga characters. Unlike most artists, however, he doesn’t use paper, pencils or paintbrushes. He uses the foam of a hot, milky coffee as his canvas.

Before getting stuck into his heated beverage, Yamamoto carefully recreates his favorite characters, animals and celebrities on the frothy surface. Some highlights of his work include art of Link and Princess Zelda – in both cel-shaded and realistic style!

Currently in Osaka, apparently Yamamoto attends many coffee events (don’t worry, I had no idea they existed either) around the city, and his dream is to one day open his own café in Tokyo. Imagine being served a cup of Link’s face in the near future – I wouldn’t want to ruin it by drinking it!

Here are the full-size images of his Zelda creations:

There are hundreds more photos of the man’s work, featuring other video game franchises Mario, Pokémon, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing, and many more. You can browse through all of his albums on his Photozou page, and I’d highly recommend following him on Twitter for regular updates of his work.

So readers, are you impressed? Or perhaps thirsty?

Source: George_10
Via: Kotaku