Just five weeks till Christmas! Can you feel it? Our friends over at GamerPrint certainly can, they have decided to give away some of their Zelda merchandise in a contest held by Zelda Universe. If you want an early Christmas gift, or can’t find the right Zelda-themed present for your loved ones, then this is a contest for you.


1) Pick a destination in Hyrule you think would be good for a vacation.
2) Write a sales pitch (max 100 words) for this destination. What about your location will make people want to spend their vacation there?
3) Submit your entry in the comments.



– You may only enter once (yes, we can tell).
– You must fill in your email address (will not be displayed publicly) so we can contact you.
– Remember that your chosen location must be in the Kingdom of Hyrule – not Termina, Koholint Island or The Great Sea etc.
– Again, the cap for the sales pitch is 100 words.
– You must post your comment no later than November 25th.



Our site staff will judge your application, picking out two: one winner and one runner-up. Both will receive a set of Hyrulean Postcards:


In addition, the winner will also receive a Lon Lon Milk T-shirt:


That’s all you need to know, so make sure to submit your entry in the comments by November 25th. Also, big thanks to GamerPrint. You can check out more of their products on their website.