Imagine your working office at coffee or lunch break. You’re in the dining room, some people buzzing in the background. You have three people sitting around a table, maybe with a cup of coffee and they just start a Zelda conversation that you can listen in on, just as if you were there. That is the new format for the Zelda Universe Podcast and we’re really excited about it. We’re also excited to being new people on board- ever been interested in being in a podcast?

Coupled with this, we’ll also have segments in between the main discussions. Some will be returning favorites from the old Podcast, and some will be entirely new.

See, along with the old format – some of our cast members felt it was time for them to leave with it. I want to say that while of course we’re sad to see them go and we’ve all enjoyed working together even when times were sometimes rough and hectic, we’re also very excited to see what some new blood can offer the cast.

So from now until November 9th you have a chance to apply for podcasting and be part of our team.
You can apply for host or segment creator.

If you want to apply for hosting, record yourself and preferably one or two other people talking about anything Zelda. What we’ll look at primarily is the ability to keep a conversation flowing, how you act around others etc. Voice and microphone quality will also be taken into account.

If you want to apply for segment creator, go ahead and make any kind of segment you think would fit the cast. This can range from community spotlights and interviews to reading Zelda fanfiction. Though keep in mind that general discussions about Zelda will be done in hosting and not segments. The style of your segment will be decided by yourself and you need not conform to the causal style of the hosting parts of the cast. We’ll be looking at your performance, the segment idea, its compatibility with the Podcast format as well as voice and microphone quality.

Regardless of your choice, the sample you send us should be no longer than five minutes long. Also as a general tip, avoid uhms, ughs and stuttering. Speak clearly, be articulate, abide by the forum rules (e.g. family friendly) and remember to have fun :D

To apply, you can either PM your submission to Hombre de Mundo on the forums or send an email to ManofWorld[at] Again, that final date for applying is November 9th.