Hello, Universe! It is I, Rusty, bringing you another Music Monday to make your Monday a bit more musical! Today, we focus on the upbeat and happy songs that Hyrule brings us. Naturally, when this theme came to me, I started thinking about Hyrule Field, and the nostalgic, timeless feel that Hyrule Field has. It’s music always manages to put a smile on my face, and always gets me going–eager to explore whatever over world I am being thrown into, be it Twilight Princess, or Ocarina of Time. It’s a fantastic tune, and a great way to get you started on your adventure.

So to start this off, I have one of my favourite ZREO arrangements, Hyrule Field from Ocarina of Time re-orchestrated! After that, possibly my favourite Zelda over world theme in the history of forever, “Realm Overworld” from Spirit Tracks. To hear both of these hit the jump below! 

I think ZREO could orchestrate almost any song and it would sound amazing, and their orchestrated version of Hyrule Field is just another piece of music that they’ve made even better. Hyrule Field is one of the most iconic locations in the Zelda series, and ZREO did it the justice it deserves. I always love hearing people’s variations of it, be it a remix, or in classic 8-bit style!

Gosh, every time I hear this I just have an overwhelming urge to re-orchestrate the heck out of it. I just love this theme so darn much! Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass have always been under appreciated by the Zelda community, but I for one loved them. Regardless of the criticism the games have received, they both had some very good music in them, and this song has this wonderful tendency to get stuck in my head constantly, like my own personal inner-mind playlist of awesome. Spirit Tracks, today you get my Music Monday thumbs up!