Ahoy, Universe! Today we be talkin’ like talkin like pirates, so all aboard, and get ready for your Tuesday to get a bit more musical! Today, I have a special, long-overdue treat for you all! Finally, after months, and months… I have a ZeldaTunes to entertain you! I know it’s been ages, but I think this ZeldaTunes has been worth the wait!

It’s no secret I am a big fan of Wind Waker, and yet again, I find myself in awe, of some of what I think is the best Zelda music in the series. So, because of my love of adventure on the high seas, I have a special ZeldaTunes, an orchestration of Outset Island, and then a phenomenal 8-bit remix of one of Wind Waker’s most popular songs: Dragon Roost Island! To hear both of these, and have some fun, hit the jump!

After a hiatus I feel embarrassed about anytime somebody brings it up, I am back, and ready to make some ZeldaTunes! I am really, really pleased with my work on this. The looping isn’t too crazy, but I love the theme regardless. I had a lot of fun playing with various flutes, strings, and drums on this song, and I hope I got the gist of Outset Island! As I’m also a Pokémon fan, I love having a hometown where I can start my adventure, and Outset Island really gave me the same feeling! I hope you like it, and stay tuned for more! If you’d like to check out my past ZeldaTunes, you can check out my channel here!

As most of you readers know by now, I love the classic charm that is 8-bit. And Dragon Roost Island’s theme is one of the most memorable songs from Wind Waker. YouTube user CheezDude111 is amazing at 8-bit, and he has loads more Zelda 8-bit remixes on his channel, so I would advise, if you are a fellow 8-bit fan, checkin’ him out!