Zelda Symphony

The Symphony of the Goddesses is still going strong, with additional performances being added to the schedule. Concerts for Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago and New York City have just been announced, with even more said to be on the way.

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  • June 22, Austin, TX
  • July 7, Houston, TX
  • July 12, San Diego, CA
  • July 14, Orlando, FL
  • July 25, Philadelphia, PA
  • July 26,Vienna, VA
  • July 27, Pittsburgh, PA *New*
  • July 28, Pittsburgh, PA *New*
  • September 15, Toronto, ON
  • September 22, Minneapolis, MN
  • October 18, Boston, MA *New*
  • October 25, Chicago, IL *New*
  • November 28, New York City, NY *New*
Source: Zelda Symphony (via GoNintendo)