Today Nintendo held another Nintendo Direct Conference in which Satoru Iwata discussed the Wii U. One topic discussed during this pre-E3 presentation was the MiiVerse, or as Iwata described it a “Mii Universe”. Satoru mentioned that MiiVerse will eventually be universal for the 3DS and Wii U and also be accessible from any computer or internet capable mobile device. Upon starting up the Wii U, players will be greeted by the Miiverse, which contains tiles—

In the words of Satoru Iwata, “By this point I think maybe it is better to show you an example rather than continue to explain.”

Hit the jump to view the…interesting Wii U MiiVerse advertisement.

Source: Nintendo

  • FatMus2

    Non Specific Action Figure for Super Smash Bros. Universe!

    • Craig

      I agree, he's funny! Maybe it's a prototype for the hero of a new franchise Miyamoto has come up with?

      Also, I'm hoping for Smash Bros. to have one of these names:
      -Super Smash Bros. Universe
      -Super Smash Bros. Unity
      -Super Smash Bros. Unlimited

  • lulles

    I loved that video, it was funny and illustrated the idea well.


    That was……interesting……

  • !CJ!

    XD oh my gosh! is Nintendo ACTUALLY gunna USE this? XD I can't believe how weird this is! sure it's different and will get LOADs of attention all over, but will it be mostly good, or badd attention? it IS funny though XD

  • KingDodongo1

    Wow, not only is Nintendo getting up to date with online interactions, they're going above and beyond! Can't wait!

  • Zeldagrl14

    does anybody notice the zelda title