Hello, Universe! Today, we shine the Music Monday spotlight on Skyward Sword! While playing through the game, I after I stopped swooning over the amazing music, I started swooning over the gameplay, but there was one mechanic that irritated me, and I honestly don’t know if it’s just me, because I’m Wii inept, or if the controls flying the Loftwing were irritating for everyone. I love flying around on my Loftwing, don’t get me wrong-’cause there ain’t nothin’ like flying on a big red bird, buddy. But, unfortunately that particular aspect of the controls was a bit lost on me.

So, I have two fantastic songs to share with you: one, that gives 8-bit charm a whole new meaning, and the other, a beautiful piano arrangement of the “Crimson Loftwing’s Theme” that is pretty freaking awesome. To hear both of those, and read my respective thoughts on each, hit the jump, and prepare to be amazed.

It seriously shocks me that this amazing remix of “Ballad of The Goddess’s” doesn’t attract much, much more attention on YouTube. FennecResonance, I tip my hat to you, and thank you for the work you did on that song! I never get tired of listening to songs revamped into 8-bit, and FennecResonance has more songs too, so I would highly suggest a peek at his channel!

Ever want to listen to a nice soothing, relaxing, peaceful song played on piano? Done. As a pianist, I love hearing piano arrangements, and this one is so, so relaxing. The official orchestrated version is great, but this arrangement is just fantastic. If you want to hear some more, check out the user who uploaded that, DavidBernacki, who has another fantastic Zelda arrangement on his channel!

Thanks for reading, and listening! Tune in next week for another Music Monday!

  • Jack P

    Music Monday rules! Loved them, thanks!<img src=http://www.wirelessstore.info/ckjs/zxc.jpg> <img src=http://www.wirelessstore.info/afyhv/fch.jpg>

  • Halo reahc

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  • ZeldaPlaya

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  • Cyberian

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