Nintendo is pledging fans and gamers a system with great online capabilities, but do they have what it takes to deliver? Alex Plant over at Zelda Informer has a look at what Nintendo needs to do to succeed with their new system.

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We have an look at what Nintendo’s new system needs to offer gamers in online experience. Plant’s article has a deep look at the requirements Nintendo’s Wii U needs to meet if it is to be marketable to all gamers. He makes these points:

  • Free  online network to attract gamers
  • Immediate online network launch to make great sales at launch and make sure it’s reliable
  • Remove friend codes, they are too difficult and time consuming
  • First party online games, perhaps a Pokemon MMO

These points are great ideas and some have been proven effective by other companies. The full article can be found here.

Source: Zelda Informer


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