There have been some pretty average cosplayers in the past, but this pair of princesses may be some of the best ever. DeviantART users, Spicy Seasoning (Midna) and Rikku Grape (Zelda), recently took on the roles of Midna and Zelda to partake in a duo of serious cosplaying. Rikku explained that she only recently started taking cosplaying seriously a few months ago. Those few months have resulted in amazing results.

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Rikku Grape explained to Geek Girls:

“I am really excited to be going to PAX for the first time this summer. I’ve been a gamer girl since I can remember haha my brothers had a NES when it first came out and I’ve been playing all sorts of games ever since. I started seriously cosplaying just a few months ago, but I have toyed around with it for a couple years before thanks to some of my friends being really interested it. As far as other facts are concerned the only thing I can say about me is that I love science. I am a total science-junkie. Well, biology-junkie to be exact. I love that stuff, especially those lame science jokes. They are the best.”

Source: Kotaku (via Geek Girls, deviantArt)

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