It’s Wii U rumor time! This recent one comes as no surprise as cloud storage is becoming more and more popular every day. It has been said that Nintendo will integrate their version of Wii U cloud storage sometime in 2013; it will operate via the new Nintendo Network and be part of the Wii U channels. Each Nintendo Network account will receive 512 MB of allotted cloud storage space, which will be used only for player profile data and game saves. Nintendo has apparently been working with Mozy, Inc., a company who works with and offers cloud based storage solutions, since 2011 to develop the service.

Source: GoNintendo (via WiiUDaily)

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  • RPH1

    What is this cloud thing? I heard something about it from Windows a couple years ago. Now, I hear it from Apple. With Nintendo, it will effect me more than a pc version. What does it do?

    • Soeroah

      I THINK it means the information is stored on servers externally as well as on the device itself. I think that means you can play a game on the Wii U using your save file regardless of whether it's YOUR Wii U or a friend's, with the account information.

      I could be wrong though…

      • RPH1

        Thank you

      • cloverplayer

        …So, kind of like Steam? If not, I misunderstood you, in which case ignore me 🙂

      • Soeroah

        I think so. Apple's iCloud exists to allow you to download your music and stuff to any Apple product from the Internet, rather than just through a wireless connection between your computer and iWhatever.

        I'd assume MMOs are a form of cloud computing, too, since your character and all that is stored on the servers, rather than your own computer.

  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    Look! Lakitu's cloud! i wonder how Lakitu feels about Nintendo using his cloud for something like this…..(just kidding) This seems kinda cool. Especially if it does what Soeroah said.

  • gravyfan

    It will be interesting to see what the requirements for a Nintendo Network account will be. If you can create an unlimited amount, then you could also get an unlimited amount of cloud space for the Wii U.

  • What a friendly looking cloud. 🙂