Earlier today, GlitterBerri posted an analyzation of the early development stages for the two Oracle games on the GameBoy Color. This early development information comes from various magazine scans, images from Spaceworld 1999 and 2000, and the games pages on Nintendo of Japan’s website.

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The lengthy post discusses many different images of the Oracle games that were either altered or didn’t even appear in the actual games. One interesting thing GlitterBerri mentioned was that the images were most likely “mock ups” given by the developers to the magazines for use to publish to the public. This means that many or all of the images are possibly not even screenshots, but rather fabricated using other means.

For example, in the image below, the door seems to fit a two block gap, however the space provided by the tile placement suggests that the entrance is only one block wide.


Another section of the article talks about the original plans for the Oracle games to be a trilogy. Each one of the games was supposed to represent the three pieces of the Triforce: power, wisdom, and courage. Unfortunately, there were coordination problems when the designers tried to find ways to link the three games, and the trilogy was shortened to the two games that exist today: The Oracle of Ages and The Oracle of Seasons.

If you’re curious to see the rest of GlitterBerri’s article, it is located here
Source: GlitterBerri

  • Callin

    The giant cucco is interesting. Looks like it was going to be a unique sprite – with a mustache?! – instead of just a normal cucco made larger.

  • RPH1

    Did they keep that feature where you link game 1 to game 2 to affect the game play? I didn't have the GBC and keep hoping they release them on the VC for Wii or 3DS. How would you link downloaded games, though?

    • Cory

      They did keep that feature. And there was a password system you could use to link your games if you didn't have the link cable.

  • MoRpHeEl

    Huh, Maple was going to be a helper? I wish they had implemented that into the finished product.

  • Weird. My favourite Zelda game is OoA, and I played it and Seasons multiple times, but that plot description is completely different from either game.

    Imagine what could have been!

  • Darkstar

    I might buy these after I finish the 2 DS games

  • VanitasXII

    These games would've been amazing, but at least we got Seasons (my fav) and Ages!