ZU Mailbag

In this edition of the ZU Mailbag, I bid it a fond farewell. Retiring from the Editing position at ZU at the end of the month means it is very likely this will be my last Mailbag video for you guys. I hope you enjoy it! I know I’ve loved doing it.

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  • SLogan

    Bastian! Don't leave us! What will we do without you?

  • Thomas G.

    See you in Hyrule!

  • badwolf16

    Bye Bastian!

  • X_factor

    No! Let it not be so! :'(

  • !CJ!

    Bastian, you're a wonderfull editor and you cannot simply leave! though I imagine it wouldn't be something you nessesarily WANT to do or anything. in which case I do not mean to make it hard on you. but is there any way you could stay on the team at all? even if you won't be makeing videos?

  • Heriod77777

    NO! You were cool and really good at it. Why do you have to leave? Couldn't you do it just once in a while? Like every big game part of the year that includes Zelda or something.