There are several combination of things you shouldn’t try together. Drinking and driving being one of them. Doing drugs and playing Zelda evidently being the other. Click the jump below to see what happens when you mix drugs and Zelda.

Warning: Video shows drug consumption and other disturbing themes

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Source: GoNintendo

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  • RedBearLuX

    Well that was… Hmmm

  • Rauru


  • QueenxLink

    Oh my goodness…

  • Xosgni


  • floatisland

    Not funny.

  • neos

    wow im really getting tired of these bumb ass videos.

  • Garald


  • Dark Tri-Force

    that was creepy…

  • This sh*t doesn't belong here… it was so dumb and lame as f**k.


    I can't believe I actually found that funny until he ripped out his heart. EW.

  • ralphpotato

    Well, considering that's pretty tame to what people have done while on PCP, that was funny.

  • TnzSki


  • Luke

    I don't think you drink PCP…

  • beachlovingirl

    That was quite strange, which made it quite funny. but the best part was at the end when it said "WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS" Of course I agree, but after that performance there was just something funny about it.

  • buggo

    happy 420!

  • spoonyone

    fake and gay

    you faggy nerds probably cry about drugs but chug down 750mg of caffeine every morning.

  • UnholySanctuary

    Lol I actually found this funny.

  • therush

    So terrible.