What happens when the Legend of Zelda, lasers, and impressive video editing get swirled into a blender? This masterpiece. Even if you aren’t fond of dubstep, this video is worth your time to check out.

Hit the jump below to see the video!

Dubstep may not be your cup of tea, but you have to admire the video effects and the effort that must have gone into making this video. Plus, there are lasers. 

What did you think of the video? Tell us in the comments!

Source: YouTube (via Zelda Dungeon)

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  • Toph

    How neat is that?

  • kaiser13576

    Not enough wub wub. Awesome Zeldaness though 😀

  • Maxxxxxy

    I've had this song as my ring tone for the last few months! This is awesome!


    That is awesome! Where can I download?

  • Angel

    That is the most amazing commercial type thing I have ever seeen! This dubstep was created by Ephixa if i'm not mistaken 😛

  • Gummy


  • X_factor

    Ephixa's remix of Song of Storms is killer!