The Wind Waker is probably one of Zelda’s most controversial games. From the cel-shaded graphics to the endless sailing on the Great Sea, game critics and Zelda fans alike have found something to criticize about the game. Yet if you go underneath the surface of the game, you find yourself looking at something entirely different and more profound.

Christian Donlan of Eurogamer has written an article which dives deep under the figurative surface of the Great Sea to look at the hidden land of Hyrule below.

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Donlan makes parallels between The Wind Waker and the Zelda series as a whole. He compared the frozen Hyrule Castle under the Great Sea as the game it could have been; the type of game Zelda fans are used to. Even though the mechanics from previous Zelda installments are there, The Wind Waker presents them in a new light.

Donlan makes a lot of other interesting observations, you can read his article here.

So, do you think Donlan has made a good point in his article? Why or why not? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo

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