Only six months away, Halloween, will be here before you know it; however, if you are planning on dressing up as Majora, then you are in luck. Thanks to Etsy user Riley Planalp, you can now own a fiberglass, wearable version of Majora’s Mask. Beware though, you may need to get out your Big Wallet.

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Cast in a fiberglass resin and filled with a polyurethane foam, the mask is completely wearable and hand painted with acrylics. The creator even went as far to protect the paint with several layers of acrylic lacquer. This mask is a must have for any cosplayer or Zelda enthusiast. The only downside may be the price which will run you a hefty $250 USD plus another $25 for shipping. If you wish to order an unpainted mask and do the rest of the handiwork yourself, the replica will cost a little less at $140.


If you wish to purchase a mask, you can do so here.

Source: Etsy (via GoNintendo)