The Legend of Zelda was the game which started everything. It was the game which presented us the mythological land of Hyrule and its princess, Zelda. It was the game which introduced us to the greatest hero of all time, Link. It was the game which ushered in the series which we all know and love today.

But have you ever wondered what The Legend of Zelda was like before it became the game we all adore? Well, Zelda Chronicles recently wrote a feature in which they have released concept art and beta images from the original The Legend of Zelda.

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In this screen we see Aquamentus’s room has some unusual looking blocks.

In this we can see that the screen for the entrance to the second dungeon had different mapping.

In this we again see the different blocks, but also it appears the Gleeok is dropping bombs for our green-clad hero.

And here we see originally you were meant to have the option between either a sword or a boomerang.

These are just a few of the images from the feature. If you are interested in seeing more, go check out the article here.

So, what do you think? What did you notice? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Zelda Chronicles

  • Troll

    1st comment !!!!!!

  • somecrazyguy

    i'm kinda hoping that they move away from the whole hub world thing. i want open exploration not limited by "oh there is only one way out of this place, you have to go back to the hub world!" i want to be able to explore the entire world, not just the little parts that break off from the hub. as much as i love zelda, i really wish nintendo would do this already.

  • RPH1

    I would not want to start with the boomerang. It's a good secondary weapon, but you'd be up the Zora River without a paddle if you didn't get a sword.

    • Bobby

      I'm sure the boomerang would be stronger if it were used as a primary weapon.

  • Callin

    If anyone is interested in zelda beta stuff, tcrf has all kind of documentation on them. For the original LOZ, they've got unused tiles and features, and there's an entire other page for the LOZ beta that was leaked at some point. Scroll down to the bottom for other Zelda games.