YouTuber mitchellmoffit gained fame a couple of years back by turning his video entry for “The Best Job in the World” contest into a full-sized musical number with a huge cast, written and composed by him. He then wrote and recorded an even longer sequel with an even larger cast when he lost.

Now he has turned his attention to Zelda, and recently composed a brief summary of Ocarina of Time–musical style–voicing the part of Link himself!

Hit the jump below to see the video!

Warning: contains vulgar language and situations

The video begins with Link singing about his life in the Kokiri Forest. Soon after, the Deku Tree summons him, and Link engages in an energy ball tennis match with Ganondorf. There is even a comedic argument between Zelda and Malon about who is to be Link’s girlfriend.

What do you guys think about the video? Tell us in the comments down below!

Source: YouTube

  • It was…interesting.


  • Heriod77777

    How odd, and cheesy. Why is it that every fan made thing sounds exactly like OoT? Why not TP or WW? Because I played those games first, OoT wan't anywhere in my favorites. If you thumb me down, you didn't actually read the part I said I played them first so OoT wasn't special.

  • Heriod77777

    Oh yeah, it is important though.

  • Zachattack8888

    Sorry… but that was really hard to watch…..
    Just wasn't my cup of tea.


    Okay then.

  • Witchking

    Now I consider myself a easygoing person… but that was… Just plain AWESOME! Yes there were some parts that caught me off guard, and yes any Zelda fan would be a little upset that someone made fun of this masterful series… just so everyone out there gets it, insulting The Legend of Zelda in any way is a fun and easy way to earn close to 50,000,000 enemies. But on the whole, this was well made and expertly sung. Just try and avoid overdoing the humor and you'll have the full attention of the Zelda world.

  • Kiante

    Pretty decent. Not fond of all the vulgarity though.

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  • tomfewchuk

    hey ZU you want to know.. you know.. start embedding youtube videos properly so i don't have to keep opening them in a new tab so i can actually pause and full screen like they should be and not this 2 year old extremely outdated player?

  • Hallnavy

    This is amazing!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • nayrugoddessofwisdom

    Am I the only one that found Zelda and Malon's duet to be very Cosette/Eponine XD?

  • CornWallis

    I always thought it was funny that there were so many girls in Ocarina time and they all hinted at liking link…EVEN the older Nabooru. This video isn't too far fetched.