Back in January, we let you know about an awesome piece of “fan art” that had a slightly different flair than the normal.

DeviantArt user Nelde over the course of several days revealed a custom set of playing cards that not only featured famous characters from the Zelda games on all of the face cards (not to mention the Skull Kid on the Jokers) but also replaced the standard four suits with much more Zelda-appropriate suits:  Triforces, heart pieces, rupees, and swords.

Nelde commented then that the playing cards would eventually be for sale. But when exactly? Well, now we finally know! now has the cards available for purchase!  One deck of cards will set you back a cool $15 in the states, and you’ll be adding $4 for shipping and handling if you get them solo.

One thing that is weird is that the website says that they’re currently only available for pre-order until May, but a friend of mine and I both already have our decks in hand.  The cards are beautiful and are sure to either tickle your friends’ funny bones… or confuse them when they wonder why there aren’t any spades in the deck.  Either way, it’s something that no Zelda fan should do without.  Even if they really are now only for pre-order, you might as well try to order them now just in case it’s a total misprint on their website.

Source: Fangamer