[Written by Timothy H.]

Link: Our daring hero. Scouring dungeons in search of new and interesting weapons, sailing the high seas in search of the Triforce, and as always, saving the lovely princess Zelda. We know the tales but what happens after he defeats the evil Ganon and saves the distressed princess?
Hit the jump to see artist George Alexopoulos’ interesting (and very beautifully drawn) take on the aftermath!


We can see the answer in Link’s face. This fan’s representation is a little less fantasized then some may think. Link gets the princess, saves the day, but perhaps doesn’t get quite the ending he was imagining. The answer to the “what happens to his weapons during the game?” question is finally answered!
Link you saved the day, but what you gotten yourself into now? Tell us what you think in the comments!
Source: StudioNJ (via GoNintendo)

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  • SaitoNetwork

    Just priceless, Link always the silent one amidst these fast-paced talkers! XD

  • asdfpablo

    How can walk 100 miles with all those things in each game?

    • X_factor

      Video game logic! it does wonders 🙂

      • asdfpablo



    He kills Ganondorf, saves Zelda, after the credits roll he says, "So, Zelda, how bout' a kiss, for luck?" Then Zelda rips off Link's pouch and throws it into a river and then says, "Is that the only reason why you came to save me?!" Link just turns around and walks away, gets on Epona and rides to Termina because he is so desperate that he would even take Navi as company.

    The End.