It’s no secret that Shigeru Miyamoto is a fan of A Link to the Past, having already expressed an interest in porting or remaking the game for the 3DS. However, after speaking to Edge Magazine again yesterday in Paris, Miyamoto has revealed that not only is he interested in having A Link to the Past on the 3DS, but also in creating a brand new Zelda game based off, or starting from the SNES classic.

After being asked if A Link to the Past was still his top choice for a 3DS remake, Miyamoto had this to say:

“I think the answer would be the same if we’re talking about just porting,” he said, “but I think I’d be even more interested in creating something new maybe based on, or starting from, A Link To The Past. I think it’s important to bring some really new software.”

It’s great that Miyamoto is focusing on the importance of brand new titles for the 3DS, instead of concentrating on remakes or ports. Are you more interested in new titles, or would you prefer older games on the 3DS? Excited by the possibility of a spiritual successor to A Link to the Past? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Edge Magazine (via Nintendo Life)
  • TrevynThot

    lol I'm writing a paper on Shigeru Miyamoto right now, I'd rather see a new one of course, waiting for Zelda games can be quite trouble some, since it is my favorite game.

  • VictorLis

    Talk about good news, man

  • Link

    Just by reading this, I'm planning on buying a 3Ds just for this!

  • It would be nice to bring that Link back for one last adventure. Would be nice for his adventure to be rounded after Link's Awakening.

  • Salmon

    Majora's Mask…..

  • Hylian_Knight

    I for one would be more excited about this then a 3DS Majora's Mask. However, both would be great in my book, I enjoyed comparing versions from OoT and I'm sure I'd enjoy it again no matter what game is remade (Probably both eventually I'd imagine) I just like AttP more then MM. .: ) A sequel would be even better because it would fit in the story but still be a new game! I can't wait to see what they bring us!

  • Eximius

    Just don't forget Majora's for the 3DS

  • Naside

    Isn't the OoX following A Link to the Past or is that further after the game than I took it to be? O.o

    • somecrazyguy

      apparently hyrule historia says it is, but ive never seen an actual quote from it for that. personally, i think they are different links… just cuz of the fact that in OoX link meets zelda and its like its their first meeting… wouldnt make sense of its the same link and zelda from alttp.

      • mcdude910

        Not before OoX and LA, though.

  • clubchloe1

    I'm excited for a re-make or a new 3DS Zelda game, Majoras Mask deserves to be re-made, people will probably disagree on this, but for those of you that say Majoras Mask sucks, you clearly never got the song of time.

    • Heriod77777

      I agree completely with you. Majoras Mask is my second favorite Zelda game to Skyward Sword being first.

  • How much for that Hylian Shield, Mr. Miyamoto?

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  • Vladislak

    That would be a dream come true, my first thought when I heard about the third timeline split was "maybe they'll do something with old school link again!".

    Do want!

  • naddo

    I think Mr Miyamoto is running out of ideas.. But I think it would be cool to make a 3D (Not 3DS!) version of Link to the past.. kinda like Tomb Raider: Anniversary?

  • Amanda

    i really want majoras mask and ALTTP remakes, but this new title would be more exciting. they should release this new title with a remake of ALTTP both on the 3DS at the same time. as a package where you can get both at the same time

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  • Callin

    Makes sense. He's already built lots of things off ALTTP:
    – Link's Awakening
    – Ancient Stone Tablets
    – Four Swords Adventures map
    – Four Swords tie-in on GBA

    • Heriod77777

      Lol? Anciehnt Stone Tablets is unofficial and I am pretty sure it was fan made.

      • Callin

        Lol yourself. It was made for a Nintendo console. You really think Miyamoto didn't give the go-ahead for that at some point?

  • LegendofMerah

    Of course I want a brand new Zelda game, but honestly I don't think it would take too long to port A Link to the Past as a 3D classic, and I'm sure a lot of people would buy it. Honestly, I'm hoping for both. They could even do what was done with Kid Icarus: Uprising where they added Kid Icarus as a 3D classic as a preorder bonus. They could add ALttP as a 3D classic as a preorder bonus for the new Zelda game.

  • SLogan

    I'm sorry, but sharing my opinion, MM is better.

    • Agreed. Majora's Mask is and probably always will be my favourite game of all time, but at the end of the day I already own a copy of it. Whilst I would love a revamped version, new Zelda games take priority for me. What if there's a chance, however slim, it's better than MM?

  • Heriod77777

    I hope they do so, ALttP is pretty good. And to see it like a 3D over world would be fantastic and addictive. Though I don't see any thing wrong with making a game not following ALttP story line.

  • XenoZelda

    This would be cool indeed. I'd love a Link To The Past spiritual successor on 3DS. I remember playing ALTTP on the gameboy advance SP when I was a kid. Holy crap that game is fun on a handheld.

  • Insekt

    I'm imagining a brand new game with ALTTP-graphics at first. After the first quests/dungeons, Link will be able to change the world around him and so do the graphics. I was imagining something like that with Mario once, where you start of from NES graphics and go all the way to Wii. Maybe they will think about something like that. The world of Hyrule always had the habit of changing while Link was advancing in the game. I think this idea isn't that bad 🙂

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Well, ALttP has 3 more games that follow it with the same Link, the 2 Oracle games and Link's Awakening and 2 more after that

    I'd rather see more games in the child timeline since it's the most underdeveloped one, having only 3 games to it including Four Swords Adventure

    • cloverplayer

      He doesn't necessarily mean 'follow' as in story, he means that it will follow ALttP's style, which could include gameplay, setup, and maybe even art style. But he isn't referring to the timeline when he says "spiritual successor."

  • aeolus

    a 3D OoT style version of ALttP would be pretty awesome, even if it would really just be OoT and TP combined…. but I'm sure they could do some interesting stuff to make it feel like a new adventure, and still be a throwback to ALttP. Some of the temples in that game have some AMAZING potential design-wise. I want to see that dark world monkey temple on the 3DS!

    BUT it would be a lot of fun to have a completely new adventure starring the ALttP Link, somehow having him return from being left in the ocean…


    ALTTP never really caught on for me, I know, I feel bad for myself. I liked the story so I think if they continue it in 3D for the 3DS, that would be pretty cool. (Even though if this does happen it would probably be 2D.)

  • N_S

    I hope you guys are excited for New Legend of Zelda games!

    Like New Legend of Zelda, perhaps?