T-shirts are the best way to show your love for the Legend of Zelda series. Buying rare memorabilia is the best way to show your obsession. A recent seller on eBay is offering Zelda fans the exclusive chance to buy a rare Majora’s Mask graphic t-shirt where you can show that you have an obsessive love for the Zelda series.

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According to the seller, the t-shirt was from a 2001 holiday promotional instant win contest between Dr. Pepper and Nintendo of America. We are unsure how many of this shirt was given away, but considering nothing like this has appeared on the web before, the probable answer is not very many.

According to the description on the eBay page, the t-shirt has been in this person’s closet for the past 12 years and has not been worn once. In addition, it is in mint condition and looks like it just came from the factory.  So, with these two factors in mind, the seller is asking for around $2,500 for the shirt.

If you are interested in purchasing it, feel free to check out the eBay page here.

So, how many of you are interested in getting this awesome shirt? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo

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  • badwolf16

    its cool, but they probably made a lot, and there's a Dr. Pepper logo on it, and it costs TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS?!?!?! NOT WORTH IT!

  • panda ink

    Hi guys i made a link 8bit shirt. is up for voting now in threadless. if you like it please rate it 5 so that it gets printed. ty

  • SlashmanSG

    Huh, I think I have this shirt laying around somwhere…

    • SlashmanSG

      Yep, just found it. Same shirt.

      • Banooru


        • SLogan

          That was sarcasm. This is really some f*cking idiot who's trying to make money off of his Dr. Pepper shirt. Link, the Majora's Mask logo, and the Nintendo logo were likely digitally edited on to the shirt.

          • SlashmanSG

            No, I can positively say the shirt is real.

          • SLogan

            You have to be kidding me. SERIOUSLY?

          • SlashmanSG

            For realz, dogg. If I had a way to take a pic of myself with it and upload it, I would. But just trust me, it's real.

  • SLogan

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………..Dr. Pepper………………………………Nintendo in the lower left corner doesn't bend with the shirt………………………….H*LL NO!

    • Faleel

      its real.

  • woohoo

    so anyway, on to other zelda related stuff.

  • Banooru

    Dang! My apartment manager is gonna post another notice on my door about broken pots and chopped plants.

    and my wallet doesn't hold 2,500.

  • Greg

    Yep. I have one too. I put it on once and couldn't bring myself to wear it. I personally like the Dr. Pepper logo on the thing.

  • Jeremy

    Making this exact shirt on photoshop and selling them seems like a good business does it not? Lol I'll get right on that

  • Ginkasa

    I also have this shirt. Unfortunately, I loved it and wore a whole bunch after I got it. Its pretty gross now; wore out in the pits and such. I still have it for nostalgia, but I don't wear. I doubt anyone would pay $2500 for mine.