G4 is at it again hosting yet another video game death match; this time around thirty-two titles will compete for the title of greatest story ever told. You may remember a few months back when Skyward Sword competed for the title of best game of 2011 and triumphed over a few challenging competitors including: Skyrim, Gears of War 3, and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. None of this would have been possible without the support of the Zelda community; however, this time around Ocarina of Time needs your support.

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Currently with 55% of the votes, Ocarina of Time has a ten percent lead over Batman: Arkham Asylum. With two days left of voting the results may sway one direction or the other. In order to prevent an early first round loss for Ocarina of Time, be sure to head over to G4’s website and cast your vote for Ocarina of Time. Achieving an unlikely victory, Skyward Sword won with a small margin; however,  we can help Ocarina of Time can pull out a large margin success. You can cast your vote here.

Also be sure to check in every couple of days to vote during the next three rounds and send Ocarina of Time to the finals, which will be held on April 17.

 Source: G4TV

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  • SaitoNetwork

    Ocarina of Time has inspired gamers everywhere, made great establishment with fantasy writers, artists, and all fans alike of the video game franchise. Ocarina of Time has one of the best game plot lines we know to date, and is still one of the most popular games and highest rated video games in gaming history. In comparison to Batman: Arkham Asylum, Ocarina of Time is miles ahead in the race.

    To Anyone reading this now, please give due credit to a video game that will continue to inspire us for years on ahead; vote for OOT!

  • Vladislak

    Quite frankly I wouldn't say either of them had fantastic plots. They weren't bad mind you, but these game's merits lie in their gameplay, not their plots.

    And in that category I'd probably side with OoT, it's gameplay simply seemed more versatile.

  • Madness

    If you want to base you're "Inspiration" On Nostalgia then Ocarina of time is is! Im not a big fan of batman but at the same time Ocarina of time was just a save the princess plot Ultra hyped by nostalgia

    Majoras mask was a better story

    • clubchloe1

      Majoras Mask did have good story, but I think that Ocarina Of Time had a lot more gameplay, but Majoras Mask is really underrated, but I like it a lot.

  • Jon

    It's definitely Ocarina for me, no other game revolutionized modern gaming like that masterpiece did. The new batman games were great, but they simply weren't as revolutionary or as classic as OoT.

    • Zeldafan

      This poll is asking for best story, not most revolutionary.

  • Tom

    I like that all the people who say they liked Batman's story better are getting downvoted… Way to respect other people's opinions, guys.

    • Not sure what you're seeing, but the only person I see who got downvoted as the one dropping curse words and being abusive.

  • Wheatley

    …Not sure if joke… or really stupid…………

    • lootic

      Noone can be THAT stupid XD

    • Keimori

      I'm gonna say it's a troll.

      • Epongas

        Kinda of obviously a troll.

  • ChainofTermina

    I feel like this is not a fair comparison. OoT is a lot older than Arkham Asylum, plus Batman is adapted form a comic book, and being a Comic Book, obviously it's going to have a LOT more effort put into it's story than any game by Nintendo, the company who practically brags that they put a ton of more effort into gameplay than they do into story. I feel like this is a very odd contest.

  • Me

    I'd say Batman. Ocarina of Time is pretty basic, and besides, it's honestly just a changed up version of A Link to the Past's story. OOT seven sages, ALttP seven maidens; OOT past/future, ALttP light/dark worlds. And Ocarina's three spiritual stones for Master Sword is just a different version of ALttP's three pendants of virtue for Master Swords. And for those of you out there using the "most revolutionary game" excuse, just realize that revolutionary does not automatically mean best storyline, or even best game

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Well, I would say Majora's Mask had a better story, but OOT's is good and better than Batman I think

  • Zeldafan

    For those of you saying OoT has the best story, please explain how. The concept was good, but the storytelling fell flat, characters were very much on the surface and not fleshed out (which makes it hard to establish any emotional connection), and there was no character development.

    This poll is asking for best story, not most revolutionary – those two are the not same thing.

    • Tom

      ^this a million times

  • Zelda Paradox

    I'm sorry, but I have to say Batman.

  • spoonyone

    Zelda's going to win. Of course, both sides will have a lot of little kids spamming votes, but in contrast, Zelda will outshine anything batfans can throw.

  • Keimori

    OoT My friends, thats all I can say, I love both dearly but OoT is the only one I could play endlessly without getting bord, Batman I'd need to put down every now and then.

  • Gwydion

    I'm personally glad OoT is representing Zelda in the story category. Sure it's not filled with crazy twists and turns, but it has it's moments, and I've always loved the ending. It's not trying too hard to be unique, it's just taking a fairly standard story and doing it the best it can, and I love a simple story done well more than a story with a bunch of head scratching twists or logic (not saying Batman's story is bad, by the way! I've always loved Batman stories, video games or otherwise). Probably why I like Link's Awakening so much.

    There are several games whose stories I love in this first round, but I'm afraid a good number of them won't make it past round one due to being older or slightly obscure. Guess that'll make voting in later rounds a little easier (unless OoT and Chrono Trigger end up facing each other… then I'm in trouble!).

    • CMike

      If you can name one (just one!) character that isn't completely one-dimensional, then I'll admit that Ocarina of Time has a story that is close to as good as other Zelda games.

  • colton36678

    ocarina of time to me has a much better story i have replayed OOT at least 8 times and twice on master quest arkham city i have only beat once then never touched again and will probably never beat again


    Arkham City/Asylum are two of my favorite games. This was very hard but I gotta pick OoT. It is often considered as the best reviewed game of all time and it revolutionized the entire industry with it's story and gamplay. It has it's "tear your hair out" moment but, it's a classic.

  • Sanguiluna

    OoT. There really wasn't anything real memorable or noteworthy about Arkham Asylum's story; having played Arkham City, it almost feels like the real reason for Asylum was merely to set up for the sequel. Now if it had been OoT vs. Arkham CITY then it would be a different story.