With nearly five-and-half million users, Minecraft continues to shine with Zelda creations  like a match made in Heaven. YouTube user Illumafire has made a near, if not, perfect Minecraft rendition of Kakariko Village found in A Link to the Past; moreover, modifying his own texture pack to match the art style featured in A Link to the Past.  Hit the jump to view the video.

Illumafire spent countless hours on this project and was even nice enough to share his Minecraft Kakariko Village with anyone who owns an internet connection and Minecraft account. The map download can be found here, along with the texture pack download here.

What are your thoughts on this recreation? Would you rather have random Zelda villages spawn in your Minecraft worlds instead of Mojang’s NPC villages? Be sure to spill your thoughts down below.

Source: YouTube (via GoNintendo)