Hey everyone! I’m Mallory, but you all probably know me as Princess Luna. Anyways, I’m the newest News Correspondent here at ZU, and I’m super excited to be a part of the team.

I suppose I should go through the whole mandatory sob story on how I became addicted to the Zelda series now. The first interaction I ever had with the Zelda series was watching one of my friends from school play The Legend of Zelda on her Game Boy when we were sitting at our younger brothers’ soccer game. I was around six at the time. I had watched her play for a total of five minutes before deeming the game stupid and promptly forgot about it for the next few years. That is until that one fateful Christmas I begged my mom for a Nintendo GameCube. This was the first game console my parents had ever voluntarily bought for us (we had a Sega Dreamcast that we won off a ketchup bottle and my dad’s old Atari before that) and the only game which we had at the time was the game the system came with: The Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition. I was an impatient child, and I wanted to play the GameCube right away. So, I popped in the disk and scrolled through the games before finally selecting Ocarina of Time and sealing my fate forever. I am now a huge Zelda fan, and I have made it my mission to collect all the Zelda games that aren’t Phillips CD-i.

I’ve technically been around the Zelda Universe forums since 2009, but in all honesty I joined up at that time only to enter a contest. I didn’t interact with the ZU community up until last summer. I was reading a news post where a new member of the site staff was introducing themselves, much like I am doing now. In their post, they talked about how they were known around the forums as something I’ve honestly forgotten by this point. Point is, I got curious about the forums and decided to start posting there to see what the big deal was. If I didn’t like it or if I didn’t figure out what was so special, I would simply stop posting. I am now an active member of the forums.

I guess this is also a good time to tell you all that I am a journalism major hoping to enter the field of video game journalism. (I’m also a history major, but that is no where near as relevant nor exciting.) Writing has always been a huge passion of mine, and I am always striving to become a better writer everyday. Ironically, I didn’t think to combine my two greatest joys (writing and video games) as a career until I learned that being a video game designer probably wasn’t the path for me after barely passing Pre-Calculus in my junior year of high school. Even then, it took my mother pointing out I could be a video game journalist if I wanted to work in the field of video games considering how much I love to write. I took the idea and ran with it, applying to journalism programs at colleges around my hometown. That was four years ago, and I will be entering my senior year of college in the fall. I have never been happier.

Anyways, I can’t wait to work with the staff here to help bring you news on all things Zelda!