There are usually always special secrets in games that you may never know about if you don’t take the extra time to look everywhere carefully. Sometimes though, gamers just seem to be able to stumble across certain things that no one else had ever discovered before which usually make the rest of us gasp in amazement. One very popular Zelda secret is in Ocarina of Time when you are about to meet Princess Zelda you can look through the Hyrule Castle window in the Courtyard and see a cool Super Mario themed wallpaper.

10 very special Zelda secrets have been revealed by Official Nintendo Magazine forum member Zabba 2 which are absolutely brillant and I’m sure will leave you amazed. Just click on that jump and let’s go through these facts and secrets together.

1. The Dying Soldier in Ocarina of Time

A special interaction is able to take place between meeting Ganondorf and opening the Door of Time. Before heading to the Door of Time after receiving the Ocarina of Time, venture towards the back alley in Castle Town and you will find one of Hyrule Castle’s soldiers laying against a house dying from the conflict Ganondorf created against the king. He tells you what happened in regard to Ganondorf and the reason as to why Zelda’s escape was necessary before death sweeps over him and he becomes a lifeless corpse.

2. Ganon’s Sword in Wind Waker

The Hylian text on Ganon’s sword in Wind Waker apparently can be translated as Zubora Gabora. If you have played through Majora’s Mask you may recognize that these are the names of the two blacksmiths living on Snowhead Mountain.

3. Totaka’s Song hidden in Link’s Awakening

Totaka’s Song is a 19-note tune that composer Kazumi Totaka hides throughout almost all the games that he works on. Usually he puts the composition somewhere incredibly difficult to find and in Link’s Awakening this is no exception. If you wait 2 minutes and a half in Richard’s Villa you will start hearing the melody play so if you’re dying to hear it then just wait out the length of time needed for it to kick into gear. Apparently an alternative method can be used revolving around the name-select screen as long as you have a Japanese or German version of the game.

4. Spelling out Zelda in the original Legend of Zelda

Amazingly, five of the dungeons in the original Legend of Zelda can be arranged accordingly to spell out the word Zelda. It’s your job to work out which five they could be.

5. The Indigo-go’s in Majora’s Mask

The Indigo-go’s are a Zora band in Majora’s Mask and if you visit them in each of their rooms you will hear a piece of music playing from past games. The Game Over music from the original Legend of Zelda is played by Evan, the Underworld music also from the original Legend of Zelda is played by Japas, and the amazing “Cave Theme” from A Link to the Past is played by Tijo. The band’s single is also referencing Link’s Awakening as the song is known as the “Ballad of the Wind Fish.”

6. Using the Tingle Tuner in Wind Waker

Using the Tingle Tuner in the Tower of the Gods dungeon unravels a secret story referred to as “The Legend of the Fairy”. This story is split into five parts telling us of a fairy appearing before the Hero of Time aiding him with maps to help him see through the darkness. This legend is, by chance, a story of Tingle’s part in Majora’s Mask and on a certain island in the Great Sea it is said, “they celebrate one’s 35th birthday with a green coat and red pants. They do this in hope of becoming like the legendary fairy, Tingle!”

7. The Background of the Hero’s Shade in Twilight Princess

Hyrule Hystoria, which was released a few months ago in Japan, has revealed a very special secret in Twilight Princess which has created much debate in the past. Have any of you wondered who in the Zelda world is the Hero Shade? Well, Hyrule Hystoria has uncovered that the Hero Shade is the Hero of Time himself: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask‘s savior. This makes Twilight Princess the first Zelda game to have two Links cross paths and interact together.

8. Star Fox themed masks in Majora’s Mask

The Star Fox team seem to make a cameo appearance in Majora’s Mask as you may notice on the second row of the masks section on the item menu. If you look closely, the Keaton Mask, the Bremen Mask, Bunny Hood, Don Gero’s Mask and the Mask of Scents detail very similar to Fox, Falco, Peppy, Slippy and Pigma (an ex-member of Star Fox). Their appearance and order seem to make this a definite possibility that the Star Fox series is referenced in the game.

9. Reach Ganon without touching a sword in the original Legend of Zelda

The original Legend of Zelda is a very unique game in that you can actually complete all the dungeons and reach Ganon without even acquiring a sword. Unfortunately, Ganon is invulnerable unless you actually have the sword in your hand when facing off against him.

10. The Naming of Princess Zelda

Shigeru Miyamoto named the Princess of Hyrule after the wife of famous author, F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote the Great Gatsby. The name Zelda has become legendary among the world with famous actor Robin Williams naming his daughter after the Princess too.

So have you known about any of these secrets and facts mentioned here? Do you know of any other interesting hidden secrets in the Zelda series? Type in some comments for us now!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine (via GoNintendo)

  • ChainofTermina

    that one with the Masks looking like Star Fox totally blew me away.

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    4/10. not horrible i guess

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    first, from what I can tell. I actually knew a few of these. a couple were interesting to learn though.

  • Patterns

    The Secret Soldier scene is deep, and sad. Love LoZ

  • Zeldo

    i knew the one with the masks 🙂

  • Keimori

    I Knew of the Solider, Zeldfa's name origin, that bit on the Indigo-go's, and the fact that you could make it to Ganon in LoZ swordless, the rest is news to me.
    But Totaka's song is fimiliar to me, becuse I' ve heard it from Mario Paint.

    • Hydra

      I recognized Totaka's song from Animal Crossing. I previously had no idea it was in multiple games.

      • Keimori

        Yeah, i thought it was a unique soundbit in Mario Paint, untill now.

        • Medli

          Ya! Mario Paint! But why haven't I ever heard it in any other games until now??? Not even Animal Crossing 😛 That's totally cool. I have to find it 😛

  • Krabby

    10/10, I feel like a major zelda nerd now…


    • Krabby

      9/10 I didn't know about the Tingle Tuner side-story. Still a decent score.

  • Supercoil64

    there are chain chomps, shy guys. and goombas in link's awakening, but that one is pretty obvious.

  • Before I wrote this story I knew 1/10. Pretty bad for me 😀

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    I knew 8/10. That's pretty good lol.

    Oh by the way…ZELDA ROCKS!!!!

  • Nick

    The inscription on Ganon's sword just blew my mind. I just learned of the starfox reference a few days ago too actually.

  • Twister2

    i know about the 10 secrets of zelda why i am a glich finder so i know how too look.

  • Merq

    I knew 7/10 of these. 3, 4, and 6 were new to me. 6 sounds vaguely familiar though, I may have heard it but fogotten… Anyway. Details like this are cool. The one with the Indigo-Go's is probably my favourite of these ten.

  • Ashmic

    I knew about 1-2 right away, i think its amazing that ganons sword says that, but how does it? this timeline makes my head spin sometimes haha

    • mcdude910

      Timeline? What about space-time? Majora's Mask wasn't even in the same universe! XD I don't get it either.

    • Wrathking98

      Well, just because they are in a different era, doesn't imply that there could be another Zubora and Gabora in WW.

    • aeolus

      or they're just referencing other games and not taking the timeline aspect too seriously in places, as they have been known to do

  • Witchking

    The Soldier is something I discovered by accident. Now every time I play Ocarina of Time I visit the soldier like a tradition.

  • mcdude910

    I didn't know about 1-6, but I did know about 7-10. That first one is really cool. Kind of dark for a Zelda game, huh?

  • CMike

    I wonder if they are implying that Ganondorf's sword was made by Zubora and Gabora?

    • Link

      It could have been. Maybe we should all talk to them after beating him to see what they say.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Never knew about the one in OOT, that's cool, if I play the game again I'll definitely go see that guy

    And #7 is one of the many reasons TP is my 2nd favorite Zelda

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    I knew most of these 😀

  • TotalDeath

    I don't know if my eyes are just playing tricks on me but in the opening sequence of OoT3d you can see a triforce on the face of the moon. I have not checked if it is in the 64 OoT yet.

  • Nerd

    I already knew most of these. Guess that means I'm a super nerd.

  • Link

    I have Twilight Princess and thought that the Hero Shade was Link's grandfather or something that knew his destiny! I didn't even know that he was called the Hero Shade until
    I read that secret! Now I know some more facts to help me become the ultimate Zelda fan!

    • GYD

      I though that the triforce send him

  • Awesome! Now where's the secrets?

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    chris hoolihan room

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      does noone know what I'm talking about?

      • 72hours192

        I do!

  • Vynive

    We just read "The Great Gatsby" in English class. I found it appropriate to scream the significance of Zelda Fitzgerald to the class as soon as we got it.

    • Jacob

      We just finished with it as well. I didn't know that Zelda was named after Fitzgerald's wife at the time though, but I still kinda flipped out when I saw "Once again to Zelda" at the start. Now it's even better.
      And also, those 4 words were honestly my favorite part of the book.

  • Carl2197

    Whoa! I knew every one of these but not the Hero Shade's identity. Amazing…

  • Schmidt

    I feel like a complete freak. I know em all! D:

  • I new all of them too haha oh well interesting to see again.

  • Naside

    Two is inaccurate. It's on Phantom Ganon's sword.

    • Ashmic

      there is writing on Ganons sword, idk what it says tho

  • me!

    Also, in Links Awakening, if you create a new game and enter Zelda as your name, the title screen music will change! 🙂

  • Jeff

    In the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time you can hookshot to the statue's nipples, any other part of the statue just "clanks" like metal

    • Whut

      That's kinda gross though, dude.

  • Prada

    I feel so ungeekish, I Knew but 2 of the 10… Is my ungeekness a good or a bad thing?

  • Gert

    I already knew this stuff at the times the games came out.

  • Shacho

    So…if Hero Shade is Link…does this make Twilight Princess the only Legend of Zelda game to have Link talk?

  • Shachou

    So…if Hero Shade is Link…does this make Twilight Princess the only Legend of Zelda game to have Link talk? (also, ignore the last one…the name was misspelled, and, well, I dunno how to change it. Sorry!)

    • heroofmasks

      well as shown in ss all links have been able to talk nintendo just lets u come up with his voice more so a link of yourself in tp seeing as u are playing as the currant reborn link hero u cant hear when tp link talks to people but being as shades basically another npc he can talk

  • heroofmasks

    heres a main fact many people still belive the hero shade is related to link when really all links are the link from ss reborn

  • Guest

    3/10. 🙁

  • Steph

    I feel so awesome knowing a lot of these X3 And I knew the Hero shade was OOT Link! And my friends doubted me 😛

  • Darc Fury

    Nice… nothing about that groose is the ansistor of gonzo from the wind waker.
    I mean. listen to this:
    The groose theme music looks like the pirate music of the wind waker.
    Groose is secretly in love with zelda, so is Gonzo
    Groose and Gonzo wear almost the same outfit.
    Groose is an important defending role with the princess so is Gonzo.
    (and im wondering what kind of hair dye Gonzo has under that bandana)

  • Me

    I knew that Scott Fitzgerald’s wife was named Zelda, but I thought that was just a coincidence. Now I know they’re connected!

    Knew about the Hero’s Shade and the dying soldier. Other ones are new to me.

  • Josh

    #7 No duh, we've known that for years.

  • Skybird

    Anyone notice that the skull kid's head in TP looks like the moon from MM?

    And Stephen King's granddaughter is named Zelda…and I heard a rumor that someone named their son Ganondorf (though I can't confirm the latter)…

  • Maeiounj39

    I can make a joke about the shade. Link actually spoke in his old age.

    • (-.-)

      Cool story, bro. Tell it again.

  • Chantal

    I saw a video of the Biggoron Sword in Twilight Princess, on the wall inside the Castle. Is it really the sword??

  • Kanalet

    I knew 10,9,7, and I believe I knew 5.
    I thought 10 was common knowledge… D:
    And number seven is quite common these days, actually. Because so many people were getting excited about Hyrule Historia. Scans are everywhere and all that type of stuff spread quickly.

  • hero of time

    zelda majoras mask on the second day at 9:30 pm in the hotel room listening to a talk on anju's wedding, also the medallion Cremia and Malon are Bowser's face, and if a stone Sheika you throw a bomb explodes and flies, if you cut a poster playing Zelda's lullaby regenerates the poster and if you spend all the puzzles and temples in the end really Majorask Mask Cremia Anju and getting ready for the wedding and Kafei Kafei is a child that Skull Kid cursed

    • Heiland

      I have a feeling this would be very cool information. But I'm afraid I have next to no idea as to what you just said. o.O

  • Oracle_Link

    Woah. I knew all except three of them (2,3,8), but #8 is the one that really blew me away. I never would have thought of that as a Star Fox reference, but it makes perfect sense… :O

  • James

    In Skyward Sword there is an Indiana Jones refference, in the Earth Temple after getting the big key link has to run from a boulder. Later there is a Titanic refference in the skipper's hut as one of his family and crew portrates

  • Alessandra

    I knew all of them I even knew that the Hero's Shade in Twilight Princess is the Hero of Time. There were a lot of hints given off of him. I wondered how he died though. My cousin has a hard time believing that it's him because of the helmet that he is wearing. What's more interesting is that he's also alittle more taller than TP Link.

    • Thunder

      On the main Hyrule timeline it explains there's a series of the games that happen as if the Hero is defeated in OoT, and Ganon lives on to cause Tyranny, which is where the Hero's Shade comes in, then there's two other separate stories that come after the hero is successful in OoT. One is where he is a child, and one as an adult, the child line games are Majoras mask and such, and adults are wind waker through spirit tracks

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    Which boss would that be? There are so many in the Zelda series.

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    With #7 This is the first Link who you ever hear talk.

  • nintenlover

    The ones I didn't know were 2, 3, 6 and part of 9. I heard you didn't have to get the sword in the original, but I didn't know you had to have a sword on you to beat Ganon.

  • Victor

    I found an interesting secret (more like a reference) in Majora's Mask. The Sea Snakes in Pinnacke Rock are based on the giant eel hiding in an underwater cave in Jolly Roger Bay in Mario 64..

  • Goron

    I always wondered who the Night Shade was but now it makes the game 10% more awesome.

  • I already knew the 1st, the 9th and the 10th facts, but the Hero's Shade blew my mind.

  • Majora MIM

    You showed Ganondorf’s blade here which hasn’t Gabora Zubora written on it…

    The real inscription are on Phantom Ganon’s blade on which is written (from left to right) “Zubora Gabora”.

    • Majora MIM

      On Ganondorf’s sword (the one you show here) is written “honmono” which means “real” or “true”.
      I should check the second blade but I haven’t my TWW disc for now.

  • Beachlovingirl

    Thanks for letting us know, I love finding secrets hidden in zelda games. One I found recently is in OoT 3D version. When you're rescuing the carpenters in the Gerudo Fortress, if you bust two crates in one of the rooms with a table and chairs you will find a poster of SS Link plastered to the wall. I think a few girls may have a crush, but gotta hide it from the boss 😉 They are after all Gerudo thieves!

  • Oliver

    In Twilight Princess when the Hero Shade teaches you the last move he physically tells you that he was also once the hero chosen by the godess in the past.

  • tbschen

    Odolwa, that first boss (jungle warrior) in Majoras Mask is chanting about the visitors death if you play his sounds in reverse.

  • END

    The Goddess harp from Skyward sword is the same one sheik had in Ocarina of time.

  • crazy

    did you know that you can play as fierce deidity outside a boss room in TLoZ: MM????

  • i know a strange secret about Zelda Twilight Princes: If you hit a hen with your master sword many times, you become that chicken. try it

    • Lol

      Oh ha. ha. ha. Everyone who's ever played a Zelda game knows Cuckoo's go all crazy and kill you if you attack them.

      Also hit Alt + F4 to go straight to google,

  • Ganondorf

    I was so surprised about the Ganondorf one! Even though I totally love Ganondorf, I did not know that!!! :()

  • Zachary

    Amazingly AWESOME! I love it when stories connect because it makes the story so much more interesting. I'm all like -GASP-. Keep up the good work. I can't stop reading it!

  • Jakob

    If you guys like these, then go to or
    DYKGaming has their own youtube channel too! They taught me a ton of stuff. Here's another secret:
    "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" is actually based off of the 5 stages of grief.

    Clocktown is Denial, in which the residents deny that the moon will fall and continue to build the festival decorations.

    Woodfall is Anger, in which the Deku King is full of rage at the thought that the monkey kidnapped his daughter.

    Snowhead is Bargaining, Darmani begs Link to bring him back to life.

    Great Bay is Depression, Mikau dies saving the eggs for his loved one Lulu, whom is now left alone.

    Ikana Valley is Acceptance, Link now has nothing left to conquer, but himself. He has nothing left to do but to face his own grief at the loss of his friend, the friend who began the journey, Navi.

  • meeter of rural nk

    Link is actually a real person I met him

  • Joshua Hester

    Have you heard of the Chris Houlihan secret room? I just found it.
    Hack in the Link to the Past.

    • Eric Logan

      It’s actually the result of a contest Nintendo held for a person to have a room named after them. Apparently the programmers needed to create a room that would handle exceptions or errors when screen-warping (or otherwise going to the next screen). So there are several ways to accomplish it. The most widely known is to dash with Pegasus Boots into the hole in the ground on the East side of the exterior castle walls in the Light World. Very few people knew about how to get into this room though people invariably encountered it just through normal play. Because of the internet, Chris finally gets his recognition for winning that contest some 25 years ago. Here’s to you, Mr. Houlihan.