We’re planning a big contest on ZU in the near future that will begin May 1st. This won’t be an ordinary contest though, it will be a riddle-solving point and click adventure spanning across different websites lasting a full month! An epic quest for Zelda fans to enjoy and a chance to win awesome prizes! But we can’t give away too much information just yet…

Unfortunately at this time all of ZU’s website-building competence is busy on another big project (indeed, we’re all hard at work to bring you awesome things), so we’re reaching out to the community for this one.

We’ll need people that can help us set up a few basic websites during April (i.e. you’ll start right away), and maintain them during May. These sites will be pretty simplistic, so anyone with basic knowledge of html and css can make them. Of course php and java knowledge would be prefferable, but it’s not required.

We’re also looking for some graphic designers to create the visual elements of these sites. For this position we need someone (or several someones) who are quite talented at painting (digitally) scenery and such from scratch.

If you’re interested in helping with this project, please send an email to Hombre de Mundo at ManofWorld[at]zeldauniverse.net or Bastian at bastain[at]zeldauniverse.net ASAP!